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I received notification that I was deactivated from MarketForce because more than 50% of my shops in the last 6 months were invalidated, which is not true. I’m scratching my head over this one, and wondering if I should fight it, or just let it go? I had a shop towards the end of last year invalid because I totally forgot to take a photo of my food. I had six gas station audits lined up for this past Friday, and I accidentally did two of them a week early, I had my Fridays mixed up, but I realized it after I submitted the two, and did the remaining ones on the correct date. Totally my fault, but I certainly didn’t expect them to be accepted or be paid because I goofed. And those three invalid shops were a small fraction of the shops I’ve done, definitely not 50%. I don’t make my living mystery shopping, but I often travel for work and will pick up a shop when I’m out of town or traveling along the way. I enjoyed the MF shops, they were usually low stress when traveling.

Has anyone been successfully reinstated? Is it worth trying to argue it out?

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Hi I was deactivated about 4 years ago with a situation very similar to yours. I tried to get reactivated after about a year and they just said "No, period" I gave it a shot two months ago and after a little back and forth with emails they said "Yes"! I had completed a whole lot of shops for them in the past and was really upset to lose them over something so stupid, so really happy to be back with them again. My advice, wait a bit. Shop for other companies and get a couple of schedulars to give you hero citations and send Marketforce screen shots of your good work. Dont give up on them just yet smiling smiley. Hope this helps.
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