Payment for the IPSOS/GFK Big Box store audit

Has anyone else that does the audit at the electronics store, that takes 4-6 hours to complete, been paid for your audits that were completed on the first week of June? Usually the payments are put in pending payment on Thursdays the week after they are complete and then 90% of the time they then pay out on Friday. Well as usual my Audits from the 3rd & the 6th were put in pending on Thursday but they still never paid out. It is not really a big deal but I have been doing these since GFK first acquired these audits and my payments that have been put in pending have always been released to Paypal no longer then 3-4 days.
I just want to make sure there are no changes that I am not aware of and also make sure it is not just me.

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. I also have 2 BBY SEA done 6/6 and 6/7 in pending status. Just received an email from GFK/IPSOS. Payment for those two June shops going out June 20.

Yes I am in the same boat. I just wished someone would have at least told us that there was going to be a delay.
I just posted on my frustration qualification for these audits. How did you understand those guidelines to pass the test.
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