Has anyone been getting weekly pay from IPSOS since their announcement re: same?

Just curious. Was supposed to start a couple weeks ago, and I'm just wondering if any of you have received any "weekly" payments yet.

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I haven’t, but did notice the pay period on my most recent statement was 6/18-6/25. I have no idea when a payment will be made.
Yes, I've been paid the last two Fridays and am expecting a payment tomorrow. I do a lot of work for them.

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Thanks so much. I appreciate the info, as their website pay info has not been updated yet.
Got paid today. Just like clockwork. Isn't it "interesting" that this company can move apparently seamlessly into a weekly payment schedule, whereas other companies have issues with a payment schedule of much longer duration?
Yes, I've been receiving weekly payments. I thought perhaps I wasn't. I looked into it, and payments had gone into an older PayPal account. I updated my IPSOS payment info and BOOM! Got payment right where I was looking for it this morning.
Yes, it appears that they close the week on Tuesday, and pay that same Friday. I am very, very pleased at the moment...
@Opanel wrote:

Isn't it "interesting" that this company can move apparently seamlessly into a weekly payment schedule, whereas other companies have issues with a payment schedule of much longer duration?

Very much so! Especially companies like Cirrus, who take 4 months +!

I was contacted about a bonused apartment shop with Cirrus, and I said that I was still waiting on payment from Feb. I got the payment that day (apparently in an effort to spur me on to do the apartment shop). I did the shop. I just know that I'm going to have a little extra money for Halloween candy.....
I've looked at my profile on IPSOS for the last week, and I keep going back to it to try to fix an issue.

I have two errors. I need to update SSN and address.

I've been trying to do this! I've even gone to the "help" tab and tried to enter help with SSN....it takes me nowhere because of "keywords."

So...two issues

1. SSN....I try to update it by clicking "update." Then I put in my SSN. I click "edit shopper profile." It says it's not saved. I don't see an actual "save" option. I try to do it by clicking "edit shopper profile" first, still no luck....

2. Address....I can't put my address in without using a geoverify. However, my neighborhood is brand new and doesn't even show up on google maps yet. So I can't geoverify. I tried typing my address in, but it won't save without geoverify.

Thanks for the tips....or for telling me how to get in touch with someone from IPSOS.
Grrr. I updated my profile over 2 weeks ago, have still not received payment.

Like JillL, I'm asking, does anyone have a clue who to contact at IPSOS for payment questions? I have e-mailed everyone on the site, plus all the schedulers I have worked with, and haven't received a single reply from anyone.
I was just going to comment that while other MSC's take longer to pay, most actually respond when there is an issue. I'm still waiting for them to fix a payment error from Feb. Good luck.

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I had my check close out on Tuesday and is dated July 2nd. So this should have paid out this Friday correct? I didn't get paid on Friday like I expected, so I was wondering if anyone else has under my pay one dated for the 2nd of July and if they were paid? Any help would be appreciated.
No, not yet. I don't like that I'm now expecting it to be regular. Ya just can't rely on payment with this crazy job.

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Zen Shin Talks
No, and I am expecting it today...wrote a couple of emails to different IPSOS staffers...so far....crickets....
I haven't gotten paid from them as of yet today also...hopefully i will have an email from paypal when i wake up lol
I did notice they updated their pay terms on the pay statements. Until today they still had the old pay schedule. Now they say pay statements are processed on Tuesdays and paid on Fridays. Funny that it didn’t happen today......
This is the only frustrating thing about myster shopping its hard to pay your bills because you never know when payment will come. ????????
Exactly! And some MSCs are better at paying on time than others. And there are a few that have to hounded.....
I emailed someone at the company and she responded back and said they process every Tues and it takes 3-4 days to hit the paypal acct. She said look for it today. I honestly think they processed the payments late this week.
I get paid often and quickly from IPSOS, and even before the weekly announcement they were one of the fastest payers I have. I am not all that concerned about a pay date being a day or two late so I do not pay much attention to it. Personally I think the companies that have quick pay turn arounds like this one should give themselves some leeway when they publish the times for pay and not write in stone that they will pay in one week. With such a short turn around there is not a lot of room for slippage. I have two jobs I did about 4 days ago that have not yet been reviewed. This 4 day gap never happened before they went to the one week pay system. They may have bit off more than they can chew by making the turnaround so quick and then announcing it perhaps with not enough testing first.
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