Has anyone been getting weekly pay from IPSOS since their announcement re: same?

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Still no pay for me! Last week it wasn't a big deal because it was a smaller check but this one is over $1100 and it is tax free weekend here. I am really bummed about this because i would have loved to get some school shopping done. I am guessing, since it's this late, it's going to be Monday again.
Uh. No. I'm on the east coast and our banks are always open until 5 pm minimum. Do you think banks in new york city close at 230 pm? Plus payment is through PayPal
I an expecting a large check from both the IPSOS Shopmetrics and Sassie. Even the weeks the Shopmetrics doesn't pay until Monday, the Sassie has always paid on Friday. Still nothing from either, but many times the Sassie has come later. I have never received a Shopmetrics check after 1pm, that's why I'm thinking Monday.
Fingers Crossed for both, but doubtful.
I know with my credit union that if a direct deposit isnt showing by opening of days business, you aren't getting it that day. But paypal is a different animal, and can show up any time. Im waiting on PayPal through sassie shops. What really annoys me us the begging email i got the other day made a big show of saying WE PAY WEEKLY.
One time, I received payment around 2:30 PM instead of 10:30 AM. That was the latest during the day I received payment.

I hope I’m wrong, but it’s already 4:27 PM Eastern. It looks they are late again and we should brace ourselves for the weekend.
Since IPSOS changed to their so-called 'weekly' pay policy, they have missed the payroll date in 2 of 6 weeks...or a 33% failure rate.....and this is an enticement to shoppers to work for them?
No. Because if you miss 33%of your assignments with no communication, you're history. Its a two way street.
Not yet as its still early. Fingers crossed though. No shortage of emails though for jobs open from them
Paid this morning

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Got mine.

I really don't understand the fuss. This is definitely not a "shoppers not getting paid" situation, and nothing at all like some companies taking months to pay, and having to be hounded for payment.

Granted, I would PREFER that payment every Friday!
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Pay statement was dated for yesterday 8/6 but no payment yet. Very odd. Not too concerned as they've always paid - and faster than any other.
The pay statement dated 8/6 will be paid this Friday or next Monday. They post on Tuesday for the following pay day.
It is funny (the odd type of funny) that our expectations change...Ipsos promised payment on Friday (although the fine print said up to six weeks later!) and now our pay pal payments come on Monday (sometimes) , so our expectation changes to Monday! (Lemmings that we are!)

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My pay statement was dated August 20, but still no payment....is anyone else having problems with payments?
Wow, Ms.Baker, I'm surprised. I've been getting regular Friday payments, last week and the week before.

Do you receive your payments via PayPal? Make sure (double and triple check) that your e-mail address for PayPal is correct, and matches your PayPal payment e-mail on IPSOS.
Yes, I've been getting weekly Paypal payments for shops I've done that are processed by Tuesday....then that Friday, there's my pay!! Very nice. Thanks, IPSOS!!
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