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I completed a shop in April. They have not paid me. They will not respond the emails. There is no phone number. I am out $50 for their restaurant shop. Be careful. I wanted to warn people so you don't get into a similar situation. The report was accepted but they will not respond to communication or pay for the shop.

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I haven't worked for Superior in about 5 months because they lost the client I was doing here. During the 18 months I worked for them, they paid at about 60 days. I usually did one shop per month, and every other month I would miss getting paid and need to email Katy. I noticed the last month I worked for them, Katy was very hard to reach.. She did return my email after several tries and I was paid. There was a death in her family and she was out of the office for some time. I think she runs the company by herself so I don't think anyone is in the office except her.

This is the contact info I have for her:
Katy Gravatt
Superior Customer Solutions
(888) 928-5068
(888) 899-2509 (fax)

I like Katy and enjoyed working with SCS, so I'm sorry to hear there are payment issues. Good luck.
I had sent in a few emails which were not about payment and had not heard back which was unusual based on my prior experience of fast response. I did finally hear from her a few days ago. She seems to be answering emails now so try her once again and see.
It took until June 30 for my payment to come in covering April, and payment usually arrived by the 20th. Obviously now I'm a little nervous, but I try to only go to places I'd go anyway, and I don't spend more than what I would normally. It makes it feel less risky for me.
I just got paid for a job I did 2 months ago....she does get around to it, but at times, it takes time. I agree she needs help with the business, but it is small and she seems to go out of town often. I do not think it intentional.

Live consciously....
Hopefully. So far, out of all the companies I have shopped for, this one and Cirrus are the only ones that have not paid.
Data point: I just got paid for my May shops without any prompting or inquiries on my part.
I got paid yesterday too. I'm hoping everyone got their payment issues resolved. I love the restaurants they do in my city, so I'm always happy to work for them.
I love the one restaurant I do and know Katy has a lot going on, she is the one I can be patient with, she always pays. When I'm in Chicago the end of Aug., I will get same restaurant (on my daughters block) and introduce her to the restaurant.

Live consciously....
They will not reply to me. I have sent about ten emails and left multiple messages. Please be warned people.
Late payment for me for the month of May. No reply to my email. I love doing her shops, but I need to get paid....
I had a little problem (not pay) and emailed with no answer. Finally received answer from Katy saying she'd been away and had a helper who didn't quite know procedure. I got a heartfelt apology and things are good.

Live consciously....
Katy is just one of the nicest people I've worked with at a MSC - and I've worked with some pretty nice ones. I hope she gets past the contact and response issues. And I hope she gets another client in my area so I can start doing shops for her again!
Much of Northern Calif is affected by the fires and they have turned off the electricity for millions of people. I did hear from Katy the other day and she said she did not have internet access for a number of days. I am sure, based on this thread, that many of you have tried to contact her. The fires up there continue and if the winds pick up again where ever she is they may turn off the elec again.
Katy has been sending out emails requesting people pick up October shops, but polite inquiries about past and incorrect payments do not yield a reply. The shops are easy and the bonuses are large, but I'm personally not comfortable picking up more shops until her current issues are resolved, which I hope they will be soon.
I can certainly understand power outages and difficulties due to fires.... however, Katy not paying on time and not responding is more the rule than the exception.
I did a shop in May that I never received payment for. On the website it shows as paid. I sent messages and emails but no reply. Very unprofessional. I did shops before and one after and all but one have been paid. I will not take another shop if I do not have confidence that I will get paid.
It's been three months and no payment.

I emailed multiple times and no reply. How much of this are we supposed to deal with?!?

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