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Ive not ben paid for an Aug shop, nor a Sept. shop. Very unprofessional. Shoppers beware!!
This is very disappointing. I've had some payments come late or after I email her, but I have yet to not receive payment at all. I love these assignments, so I hope everything is okay with Katy and her company.
Katy has a new client, a pizza chain that has been shopped for years (and is still showing up on the old MSC's board). It seems to be just some regions -- perhaps a franchisee? One hopes that the money from this client wlll allow her to pay back the shoppers who have so far been stiffed on her Asian restaurant shops.
I have no idea why we aren't getting paid. But those who had unhappy experiences with Katy Gravatt when NSS went bust and advised against working with her can certainly say they "told us so."

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I just did my usual restaurant with a 40.00 bonus, so no, she's not out of money. I emailed and asked if I could do this although I am only allowed to do one every other month, she said go ahead with her response coming the next is the holidays and I hope to get paid in a timely manner. We did not get the pizza job here.

Live consciously....
I was not paid for one in January and two in July. Forgot about the one in January and did the July ones.
I just got paid for a Sept. job, so right on time according to their schedule. You need to keep writing her and tell her the problem.

Live consciously....

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I have not been paid from a shop I did in July. I have contacted katy by email multiple times. I left multiple voice messages and even messaged her through Facebook. It's like she has completely disappeared. This is very disconcerting. The website is still showing jobs available.
I got email response from Katy. She said my email had gone to her spam folder. I received payment for the shop I had completed in May. She is current with my shops.
I just got paid for June and July shops after months of ignored emails. Outages in NoCal were used as an excuse. I am also now current with my shop payments. I was even asked if a missing bonus I'd referenced was for one shop or for three! (It was just for one.) Ironically the payment schedule ended up being more or less equal to some HS Brands shops I did in July as well, but of course those came without any need to follow up.
Hey spicy1. I wondered how long it would take you to reinvent yourself.

@MaritzShopper wrote:

I was not paid for one in January and two in July. Forgot about the one in January and did the July ones.
No payment for me either after shops in Aug and Sep. A previous post I made about this situation has also been removed. Not sure why, I did not name the client.
I stopped with them because of wild goose chases. I don't drive to a location and get zero pay because they are out of the product. Not my fault.
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