MaritzCX Shop Report Submission Error

Has anyone been having submitting shop reports on MartizCX today? It keeps giving me an error message saying I left the photo/validation question unanswered, but I already uploaded a photo to the question. This one's for a tobacco compliance shop scheduled through KSS.

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I've not done that particular shop. However, when that error message comes up, I "Save" my debrief rather than submit it. Then I go back to that Shop ID and reopen it, do whatever was left out and then submit.
I am not getting an error message but it will not submit. It just keep telling me to try again.I use the app on my phone and I figured there are a lot of people trying to submit jobs but I have been trying for over two hours.
@cardlady I had to call MaritzCX to report the issue. It took 2 hours for their IT to fix the issue and then I was able to submit it.
azncollege and cardlady - I am sorry to here you are having issues, I have sent you a PM to gather more information about the issues you are having.

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I have been having continuous trouble with pictures not going through since the great crash. I had shop load with no pictures, another was missing half the pictures. Something is wrong somewhere.
Curtzey, I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having! I have sent you a PM to gather more information so that we can attept to find the issue.

Larry Loos
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