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I just did a phone shop for this company. The purpose of the shop was to evaluate the associates selling technique. I did every single item they wanted you do do in the guidelines, but I didn't give them my address. The shop paid $4. Because I didn't give the associate my address, they aren't paying me for my shop. There is nothing in the guidelines stating your shop won't be paid. Missy companies will just deduct a point, but your still paid. Not only are they not paying me, they scored my shop a 1/10. I get high scores and excellent reviews on all my shops. If that wasn't enough, I went into my profile to delete my account because I'm not doing business with a company like this, I find out I was issued 2 negative citations. I had 2 other shops with the same company but in different locations. I sent messages to cancel both shops under the help/submit section but apparently the evaluator didn't bother to look there. What's the point of having a help/submit section of the evaluators don't look in these sections? Maybe you have only had good experiences with this company, but mine were nothing but negative. I permanently deleted my account with Shoppers View and I just wanted my fellow shoppers to be aware of how this company treats their shoppets.

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Did the instructions for the shop say that you were supposed to provide your address? Based on what you wrote, I assume that you were supposed to, and you decided not to provide your address. If that was the case, you did not follow the instructions. And therefore the shop was rejected, you got a 1/10, and you were not paid. That is by no means unique t this MSC.

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You didn't follow the guidelines, so you don't get paid...simple.

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Disappointing when that happens.
I learned the hard way that instructions must be followed. In my case it was getting a name in a situation where asking the name would have been quite awkward. I wasn't paid. And now I ask people their names when the instructions say I must get a name.
Maybe you could have given a bogus address?
If the guidelines state to use an address, use an address! You can find tons of random addresses for homes & apartments on websites like Trulia or Zillow.

Or, just make one up.
Hi, Carebear67. I apologize for the late response on the forum. I am the one who keeps an eye on the forum and social media, and I was on vacation. Although we have responded to your email in private several days ago, we would also like to respond to your concerns here.

I understand your frustration at not being paid for a shop that you put time and effort into. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay shoppers for shops rejected by our client due to the shopper not following the shop guidelines. The requirement to provide an address is a direct requirement from the client. Below is a link to a screenshot of the two places in the shop guidelines where this requirement is explained:


The instructions read:
• If the associate asks for your address, you must provide a full mailing address including zip code based on the residential street you picked.
• If asked for them, you MUST provide a phone number AND a full, local street address.

The client requires this because their customers provide this information when asked, and they were busting shoppers who did not. When the associate asked for your address, you stated, "I'd rather not give out all my information right now."

I can assure you, we never exclude a shop without pay that we send to a client and are paid for. Our shopper payments are built into the price the client pays for a shop. It would not be worth the negative feelings and risk to the relationship with our shopper to try and commit fraud in this manner. However, if the client will not pay for the shop because the shopper did not follow instructions, we do not pay the shopper for the shop. This was explained in the independent contractor agreement you signed when you registered with us.

Per our email to you on Monday, 9/9/19, we would be willing to remove the negative shopper grade associated with the shop to encourage you to continue shopping with us. However, you have deleted your account with us. Because of this, we cannot look into the concerns regarding your other citations. If you had contacted us with concerns about them before deleting your account, we would have been happy to look into it.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns. We wish you the best in your future mystery shopping endeavors.

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