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Having been with this company for many years without any problem, I take a job for a company to come to the house and give an estimate for repair. I did my part calling and making an appointment and received proper
confirmation email for Sept.13, 2019 at 2:00 pm. I get home at noon and wait and wait and wait, no show,
no call, no email. I emailed scheduler twice at 3:00 and 5:00 PM stating a no show, what should I do. I am told to fill out report best as I can, but you know it won't submit, I again report that. Two days later I am told to submit report and I did explaining situation and I am a woman alone and now do not want these men in my house.
I just now get a declined letter, entire job was declined due to my not making yet another appointment.
I feel this unfair, fee was good and spent half a day waiting. I feel I should get half for my time and work. What would you do, pursue or not is the question.

Live consciously....

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I could be wrong, but my reaction to this is that if you made an appointment, as required, and the vendor gave you a time, you followed the guidelines. Having waited all afternoon for the arrival and getting a No Show, you followed the second part of the guidelines. The scheduler told you to fill out the report and submit. That sounds reasonable. Then you should be paid. The client should receive the information that a customer made an appointment and their rep was a No Show. And you should be paid. I think you should receive the whole fee, not half. There was no failure on your part. This was the client's rep's failure.

It's fine for Second to None to ask that you make another appointment, but I think that's a second job and should earn you a second fee. You completed the first job. No being willing to take a second job and do this all again should not result in you not getting paid for the first job, which you completed, although the client's performance clearly failed the client's standards.
Roflwolf.....thank you, I needed conformation and yes I did do my job according to instructions. I'm really disturbed over this, their email was cold and put me at fault.

Live consciously....
I suspect they don't want to send a 'FAILURE!" report to the client. It sounds like they prefer to send a report to the client where the system worked properly and the rep is evaluated during all parts of the process. Then, they may, or may not, reveal in the report that this was the rep's second attempt and he was a No Show at the first one. I get that. But the client deserves to know that their rep was a No Show after making an appointment. This is serious. If I were a customer of a company and made an appointment with, say, a plumber or other service person, waited, and got a No Show, I would not work with that company again. So this is something the client needs to know. It's a serious customer service issue.

I think this is a bad idea on Second to None's part. You should not be forced to do the job a second time in order to save your fee from the first job. If they are protecting the client, they are mis-thinking it. I've worked with STN for years, too. I would escalate the issue. If they don't reconsider, I will be very disappointed in them. This is not the way they usually work.
Escalate! Unless the guidelines specify that the shopper must schedule a repeat appointment in a No-Show scenario, I agree with your initial feeling that they should pay you for the completed project... and edit the shop form to account for No-Show scenarios in the future.

@Irene_L.A. wrote:

I just now get a declined letter, entire job was declined due to my not making yet another appointment.
I feel this unfair, fee was good and spent half a day waiting. I feel I should get half for my time and work. What would you do, pursue or not is the question.
I wrote the Scheduler immediately about the no show. Regardless if I wanted a second appt., I should get paid for the first. There are tons of narratives in report and I stated what happened over and over, they know, but still say I needed to re-set appointment. I never thought a company wouldn't show and think they are afraid of losing Client. I just see it's again on the board as a new job.. No apology, offer to wait and see if client accepts job, for them it's over and done.

Live consciously....
Sorry to hear about this, Irene. I wonder if there's anything in the guidelines or requirements that addresses this occurrence? If STN requested that the shopper must make a second appointment, that should be in the guidelines. If so, and you advised them that you "now do not want these men in my house", that's why your shop was declined. If this was not in the guidelines, then you have reason to escalate.

Like you, I've worked with STN for a long time. I've had a few dust ups. Bottom line, they have always acted with integrity with me.
Uh-oh. Mert hit the nail on the head. I didn't remember anything like this in the guidelines from when I did this job but i just went back and read them. If this is the same handy person job I did, the guidelines do say " If the representative is a no-show and you do not receive a call to cancel or reschedule, call
{client name} to reschedule (you are required to reschedule). Notify your scheduler of the
new appointment date."
I think this is a little bit of bullsh**. If you are required to be at home, and therefore missing out on doing any other work, then they should pay you for your time. No half fee, a full fee. If you are "forced" to reschedule, then they should pay you for that time, too. Not getting paid for work that you do, whether THEY show up or not is complete crap.

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