Market Force burger shop rotation shortened?

I did one of Market Force's popular burger chain shops today and thought I'd been there pretty recently. I checked my previous shop date and I was actually there on 9/3, so basically a two week rotation. Did they change that or are they just desperate for this location? I thought it used to be a month. I got $18 the last time I went to this location so I asked for it again this time and got that (it was posted at $9 with "Make An Offer" ). I had also received a Samantha email offering it for $11 but wrote to CS and told them I wanted $18, they supposedly forwarded it to scheduling). The best I can get them to do at another location near my house is $14.

Going back so soon was convenient since I had a 10% back offer on my AMEX card for the client.

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Never go below $18! If you do, you will be stuck at the lower fee.

I was under the impression the rotation is 3 weeks.

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I feel like the rotation is what it is until they don't have anyone to take it. I've done 3 shops in less than 2 weeks because there just wasn't anyone here to do them, even with the "bonus"

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I've done them in my area for $24 and not less in the past couple of years, but the last few times I've asked for that, my make an offer was declined.
I am doing one today for $25 and that is the least I will take for that location. They know it too. They start out offering about $14 though. I have gotten $40 for late night one at that location. When the wonderful (sarcasm) "American Dream" opens next month I won't even consider it for less than $50. Traffic will be a nightmare between here and it's already a nightmare will be a complete disaster. Maybe they will put one inside American Dream too and that will require at least $100 to go to...LOL

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I too have gone twice to one location this month. They even called me yesterday to complete it a third time. Too bad I have a hotel shop on the other side of the city or I would have done it.
I didn't know there was a rotation.

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Well they seem to disappear for a month, and I'm sure they weren't taken, so I was fairly sure that there was a rotation.

I get $14 for the location near me and asked for $18 last week but was told they could not give it to me for that location. I find that the woman with the foreign accent who calls to offer shops (who wouldn't give me $18) doesn't (or cannot) offer as much as the woman without an accent. Never occurred to me to ask for $20 or more. I actually was happy to do this one again because of the AMEX offer. I have it on another card and I need to buy a $30 gift card before it expires at the end of the month.

They recently started doing delivery shops at the locations around me but sadly they do not deliver to my house. I was surprised that the one 10-15 minutes away did not deliver. Those had nice bonuses and no rotation from the regular shops.

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Someone in my area is taking the jobs for less than the $15 I hold firm on so I haven't done them in a few months but I would on occasion do two in one week. When I asked about rotation they always said it wasn't a problem.
Yeah, it's been awhile since I lived in an area where I always had one in my local shops list, but it was always there and I did it more than once a week several times. There definitely wasn't a rotation at that time.

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At the moment only demons come to mind
So I got $25 this week for the one I had previously been doing for $18 (no one had taken any of last week's shops and the online price finally went up after they rejected my offer for the same price). I wonder if this means that when they call me for the same location in a few weeks they will agree to give me the same amount again since that was what they claimed about the $18 price.

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Once you do one of these for a certain price, it's exceptionally hard getting them to raise the price. They will go to $25. That's what I do them for.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
Maybe not. They were desperate one day on a hedgehog shop and I got $70 when I had been doing it for $15. Now I only do it for $70. Though, I only get it once or twice a month.
So I did a "make an offer" of $25 for the burger location I got that price for three weeks ago, and they approved it. There's another one in my area that's also being offered at that price but it's not close enough to me to bother doing.

Also got $30 for the bedding shop that starts at a ridiculous $8 price.

BTW it seems like they've cut the burger shops back to one per week with a time range that encompasses both lunch and dinner. I know they've had these occasionally as an extra shop at the end of the month but now I'm seeing 3 weeks worth of one shop.

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@2stepps wrote:

So I guess I screwed myself by taking them for basic or a little above.
Really depends on how many shoppers there are in your area. I assume there are some locations where they have enough shoppers who will do it at a low price that it doesn't have to get increased. But it certainly pays to hold off on taking it and see if the price goes up. Worst case someone else takes it, there's always next week.
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