Marketforce and Spouses

Does anyone know if spouses can both sign up for Marketforce? My husband is interested and I haven't found any info on the site so I thought I'd ask here if anyone has first hand knowledge of doing that? Thanks.

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You should definitely direct that question to Marketforce and not the forum. Get it straight from them.
I thought you could not have multiple people using the same IP address (from this forum).
My friend and her spouse both shop for numerous MSCs. However, when she was deactivated, so was he.
About 10 years ago, my husband signed up and shopped for them for a few months. Since then I've heard that they do not allow that anymore. It would be worth it to check with them to see for sure. It would be bad to get deactivated because he signed up, but if it is okay, think of all he is missing.
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