Frustrated with IPSOS

On a Saturday in September, I applied for a shop that had a due date of the following day. The location was about to close, and is closed on Sundays, but I applied for the shop anyway, thinking someone would be viewing my application. In the box that pops up asking why I felt I could do the shop, I explained that the location was closing, would be closed the next day, and asked if the date could be extended to Monday. I hit send, and immediately received an automated email stating that I had been assigned the shop.I then sent an email to the address they post at the bottom of every email explaining what happened, and waited.

Sunday I started receiving automated emails telling me that my report was overdue. Monday morning I sent another email, but still received no reply. There was no scheduler listed, so I emailed a scheduler I had contacted previously for another shop. I received an email from the scheduler within a couple of hours explaining this was not her project, but she assured me she forwarded my message to the proper person. Wednesday morning I received another email stating I had been assigned the location, and it now had a new due date, which was the following day. Mind you, there was still no direct reply from anyone regarding the shop.

I printed off the guidelines, and prepared. Wednesday morning I checked my email, and still had nothing from anyone at IPSOS. I completed the shop by 3:00pm, and decided to do it when I got home. I logged on, and the shop was no longer in my inbox. I checked my email, and still nothing from anyone from IPSOS, other than email blasts for "urgent shops."

I sent another email right away asking what happened, and long story short, it's almost two weeks later, and I still have heard nothing to what is now numerous emails. The only person who bothered to acknowledge me couldn't help, but at least had the common decency to reply to my email.

To make matters worse, I now have to chase down a payment that didn't arrive last Friday. I am beyond frustrated.

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Me too. Recently, now that they have no schedulers listed on the assignments it's a mess. I think it was the same job type as OP, too, because that was the only time I was ever able to self-assign something. The Shopmetrics side.

I still prefer the Sassie side...

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Sounds about right for IPSOS. At least you are having success tracking down missing payments. I tried for months to get them to pay missing shipping reimbursement on a job they approved and paid. I never got anyone to respond beyond someone who said they would "pass it on".
yeah, here too.

There is one co that when you apply, it can be weeks, then, SUDDENLY, you're assigned last minute. I don't like it, and I won't perform a job like that.
Last Saturday I picked up a nicely bonused shop from Ipsos to conduct on Monday. When I went to prepare for the shop on Sunday, it was no longer on my board. I emailed the three schedulers listed and asked what happened. Only one replied but it was a very vague reply. I shot another email back stating that in the future I would like to receive an email when a shop has been removed and an explanation would be appreciated.

I'm not happy to hear that others are having similar situations because I did really like this company up until now. Besides the fact that I'm a route shopper and when I get a well bonused shop I usually build a route around it. Feels like I may not be able to count on a scheduled shop staying on my board for this company.
There was one set of shops that had a due date and time. But the time was some weird hour, 3:59 AM, I think. Anyway, I had planned the shop into a route I had on the last day of its timeframe, not realizing the time on that date actually made the day before the last shoppable day. It disappeared off my log and it took a while before I realized what happened.

It Still did not make sense to require the shop being submitted by the wee hours when it was to be done on the app and the locations close at 4 or 5 PM.

The IPSOS shops scheduled by Summit have been having very odd due tines lately. I've seen shops due at 6 AM on tge date the visit was to occur. I've seen shops due before the guidelines state them to be due. Clearly someone is eiither untrained or simply does not care to do a good job.
I have had the same issue, but the vapor ware of replies was so delayed, that I gave up trying to do the shop.
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