Hero Citation, mean anything?

Is there really any point to receiving a hero citation for some MSCs? Those that have taken this bait, has it shown any value to you?

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I will say this much: it's way, way better than getting a "flake citation".

Way better.

That and....um....$5 or so will get you a cup of coffee.

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My mom and dad were very pleased with me when I came home with a gold star in kindergarten. I was very proud. But it didn't mean anything to the other kids or their parents. And a few days later it was old news.
I will say this, though -- other schedulers can see that you have hero citations, and it MAY (no guarantee, here) give you a little bump up or preference next time you ask for a bonus, or it may make a difference in calling you to offer you a bonus.
I rarely give hero citations. If I do, it was for a shop that was accompanied by a bonus already, because I really needed it, and I do it to bump up the shopper's rating. That part of it helps for a couple of reasons.

1: The first thing I look at when there are several applications for one shop, is the rating. Hero citations give you a score of 10 for however many shops we put as the weight of the citation (same as flake citations that give you a 1 rating for however many shops we set the weight to). The higher your rating, the more likely you get the shop.

2: Some shoppers may want to self assign, but their rating is a point or two too low. If they help me with a tough shop, I give them a hero citation with a weight that will bump their rating up to what is needed to self assign.

So, to answer your question, yes, and no. It does have an impact on some things (at least if I'm the scheduler), but they won't throw you a parade for it. LOL!
I hear ya, Pete. I have, in the past, been offered hero citations from Intelli, Service Sleuths, and a few other Sassie platform companies, but since I have done 100s of shops for each and my rating is already a 10 average with them, I want to see the bonus. I do see how it might be beneficial for shoppers who are newer with fewer shop completions and have a lower rating.

That being said, what's your opinion on IC Pro status? Do you look at that when you are considering who to assign the shops?
I usually look at rotation first, then rating, then how many flakes or cancels are marked, and lastly the date the shoppers chose (earliest generally gets the shop). If that is all the same, then IC Pro status would come into play. To be honest, I don't have much knowledge of what exactly it is, or how hard it is to achieve that status.
Actually,several years ago with Intellishop, I once did a shop where I didn't notice I was supposed to stay in the store for 20 minutes. It was a small boutique and the young associate who was working wasn't putting much effort into trying to sell me anything. I actually didn't realize I was supposed to be in the store for 20 minutes and left after 15 minutes. I got a 1 score on the shop and of course it was rejected. It did not change my 10 average at all to have the 1 averaged in.
Hero citations? I always forget to ask for them! In my heart, I know that I earned some non-awarded hero citations. More important, they work perfectly with the hubby. Here, they are called hero points. They are worth no money. However, after a few zillion times of announcing 'you get all the hero points for the day' or 'that was worth incalculable hero points' it is easy to get things done.

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@panama18 wrote:

There's an old saying: You can have a hundred Attaboys (or Attagirls), but one Awcrap wipes the slate clean.
Yep, a few dead flies in perfume make all of it stink, and a little foolishness outweighs a lot of wisdom.

Unless you're a newbie or a N00b, they're worthless.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

(Yes, I stole Hoju's tagline.)
My father told me when I got my first job, if the company wants to thank you, tell them to put it in the paycheck.
@johnb974 wrote:

My father told me when I got my first job, if the company wants to thank you, tell them to put it in the paycheck.
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