Update on IPSOS editing time

Has anyone done any of the "green" IPSOS shops over the last 2 weeks? I am just curious on how long the editing has been taking on the reports this quarter? I know at the beginning of the project last quarter, some of my reports were not edited for over a week, but then again they had the 2 different styles of shops. So I am praying the turn around on these is much quicker this time.
I have 69 assigned this week from Monday-Saturday and would be so happy to see these "OK for Pay" by Tuesday, so I could get paid next Friday.

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Okay thank you for the update. Out of the 32 shops that I did on the 15th and 16th, I just noticed that 5 of them are OK for pay, and 1 was returned. So at least I know they are getting looked at.
@cardlady wrote:

Mine have all been edited within three days.

I have a job from the 11th that is still not reviewed, multiple jobs from the 16th, which was 4 days ago, not reviewed.
The ones that I did on Saturday were reviewed practically the minute that I drove away from the site. All of the rest that I did from Tuesday on had been reviewed within 2 days, many the same day.
Yeah surprisingly all mine were edited pooey quick. I was impressed! Now if they could just pay on time, this would be my favorite company.
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