Ipsos payments

Has anyone gotten paid twice a week? I did not get paid today.

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Still waiting on that email from paypal. It should be today since an invoice was already created days ago. This is supposed to be a big check to for me. Fingers crossed.
I will say I’m going to by very upset if pay is late again. There is no excuse for this happening again
Ok, I got paid on my jobs on Sassie, but nothing yet on Shopmetrics. Really annoyed, I do not work for free..
No pay but finally received the reassuring email letting me know that pay will be twice a week
Don’t know why they can’t get it together. I cut way back on my shops with them until I see what happens
I always get paid before 11am...guess we’re not getting paid today again.This is ridiculous!!!
I did not get paid on Friday for either my Sassie shops or my Shopmetrics shops...has anyone heard which days they are *supposed* to pay on besides Friday? At this point, my IPSOS shops are on hold, I simply don't have the funds to complete them...
I wish they would explain the payment process. I just got the response, we are still the faster payers. WHAT? That did not answer the questions. I have shops approved 11/5 and still have not been paid.
@ajkj1015 wrote:

Contact them,I was paid on Friday from both

I tried emailing - no response... I guess I can try my scheduler ?
They’re usually no help when it comes to payment.Well atleast mine are....but then again my schedulers are pretty much useless for everything!!!
Has anyone been able to find out what the payment schedule will be? They ran the invoices today so I wonder if a payment will go out tomorrow
I just received a payment for the invoice that ran yesterday. I wonder if they will run one tomorrow and pay that one out on Friday. If they do that then that will probably be the schedule going forward
I agree with anonymousgirl I got paid for invoices processed yesterday. I have two more that were approved on monday if they are paid on friday she may have figured the payment scheduled out.
I just checked, and a shop I did on the 8th is still pending payment. Yikes! I need those funds. Not just pending payment, but still pending validation!
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