Ipsos audits

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I don't know about Ipsos, but I signed up for a similar-sounding one on Maritz. The instructions were spread across 10 or more PDFs. The main instructions were 49 pages. The quiz to qualify was 50 questions. Dozens of pictures required. All I can say is screw that. Not worth it. Some people here swear by them, though, and talk of making routes of 10 or more. More power to you if that's your thing, but I have no interest in them.
I wouldn't do them at base pay, personally. Especially now that the weather has gotten cooler. Brrrrrrr.
Once you know what to look for they're not hard. But they can be time-consuming if the station is busy. If you don't have competition for them, wait for the bonus.
1. imho, the gas station audits should have a base fee of $25 per location plus any reimbursements.
2. You will become efficient over time and as a result of that you may begin to disagree with #1 above.
3. People who do these as routes work with schedulers, factor in travel, lodging, ease of including work or necessity of excluding it, etc.
4. I encourage you to try a few, find your way or your system, and think about routes.

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I have been doing gas stations for a long time and I agree with everyone says above (wait for bonuses, do a route, be detailed or you will be driving back for a single photo), but keep in mind the IPSOS ones only pay $2.00 for gas which is way down from the former $6.00 reimbursement that they used to have and with gas over $2.70 a gallon, it doesn't even give you enough gas to get from one shop to another. Basically with that gas reimbursement reduction they cut the former payout from a minimum of $23.00 to only $19 to start and with the temperature for where I live in the 20's or 30's, I will be waiting before I sign up for that pain.
Never without a bonus.

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In my area heavy truck traffic rules and more than once I took my life into my hands to get the required photos. Most stations here have diesel truck lanes and pumps. Combine that with wintry conditions and less daylight, as well as photo requirements, and to me not worth the risk.
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