IPSOS Consumer Audit Certification Test

I am having serious difficulty with this test. I am almost certain that they have made a mistake on it. I don't think any of my answers are incorrect, but I just can't pass it. Any one else have problems with it? Any tips?

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@ceasesmith wrote:

Snuffy, keep us posted. But hey, I gotta ask: Are you related to Snuffleupagus?

Second cousins on my mother's side. And I still can't pass the test, lol. I've tried a bunch more times with no luck. I emailed my scheduler yesterday and then sent another follow up email to her today, but I haven't heard back from her yet. But I did get assigned two of the consumer audit shops in the meantime. I'm planning on doing them on Friday, so I sure hope I hear from my scheduler before then smiling smiley
I just had the same thing happen. I got a 98, and the guidelines say the question should have been highlighted. It wasn't, and the scheduler helped me,
My scheduler helped me out. She didn't tell me which question was causing the hangup, but she just fixed it for me and told me I was good to go. So I'm back to action on Friday. Picked up two remote stations for $100 a piece! That's the highest I've ever received for one of these audits.
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