How to make a complaint against Ms company

Hi im looking for advice, i havent been paid for over two months and i think i need assistance from an ombudsman, how do i go about this? Whats the quickest form of action?

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Apparently its the 20th of every month, the problem is i didnt do my homework on this company and there are hundred of shoppers complaining on their social media pages so im not feeling optimistic
Ouch, sorry! There's really no one to reach out to except for higher ups within the company. If they belong to MSPA or the BBB, you might try contacting those companies.
You would have to say what company it is and maybe one of us knows who you can speak with. Some MSCs pay two months after the shop. If you do a job on October 3rd, you would not get paid until November 20th.
Their name is Lagomint or Lagom International, if I had researched them prior I wouldnt have carried out the assignment so im partly to blame
What was your assignment? I haven't heard of that company.

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Apparently, nonpayment has gone on for a long time. There has been only one previous post about Lagom on our forum - a couple of years ago.


No one responded to that post, so I'm guessing none of us knew anything about Lagom. The poster had not been paid. Unfortunately, he didn't return to let us know if he was eventually paid or not.
Ive contacted mspa but they are based in the netherlands, i havent received a response i feel like i may fall to the waste side
they emailed me this reply this morning: Please, accept our apologies for this delay.
We are doing our best to make the process of payment quicker. The thing is that one of our big clients did not pay invoices for several months. Their debt is significant and impacts on different sides of our activity. Our lawyers and associations representatives are working together with us on this issue too. However, we want to reassure you: we still guarantee that you will receive money for your visits.

I will contact the financial department and I will ask to pay you.
As soon as I get any reply, I will let you know.
Thank you for your message and sorry again for this unpleasant situation.
Lagom is delayed for me also almost 400€, and I didn't receive any answer for two months. I asked one of their project manager on LinkedIn, and she said that she is not working with them any more, and rest of the message was the same: "one of big clients did not pay... etc". I asked one of the coordinators of the other company, and he said that Lagom probably will close their business soon. I don't know how to force them to pay...
Thats disgraceful, the MSPA told me they have contacted the director and told him they are monitormng the situation, she asked him to contact me this was on the 31st of January but have not received anything. In the meantime the' are still send emails to shoppers advertising the same client but with increased fees!

Same problem here...

They owe me 80 € since October. In december they offered me a new assignment and they explained me that they had a big issue with one of their biggest clients, but assured me that I should not worry about it... I trusted them and now they owe me about 115 €.

The focal point for Spain does not work there anymore, and all the email adresses I have tried are down...

sad smiley

Best regards,

I asked the MSPA for help and they managed to influence Lagom to contact me so this morning i received payment confirmation of a bank transfer, they also said that they have ceased operating although they will not be closing the company and that all outstanding payments to shoppers will be made between now and February so hopefully you shound get ur payment very soon
By the way, can you tell me who contacted you? All the emails I've sent today have been rejected by the server...
No problem, email MSPA at, I spoke to a lady called Nikky, shes very aware about the situation and shes very helpful

For your information, I have just been paid!

Good luck @lukket , I hope you will be paid soon too.


I also contacted MSPA (BTW, they are left MSPA with the end of the 2019), and Lagom CEO at the same time. In effect I was paid few days ago winking smiley
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