SQM partnering with ACL for scheduling ?

In my area I suddenly see ACL scheduling high end hotel dining assignments at a hotel that SQM has been trying to get them filled. And, there is no indication that this is a "test" shop.

Any similar changes for SQM hotel clients in YOUR backyard(s) ?

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A high end hotel near me has been shopped by both agencies for some time. The ACL assignment is about service and food, while the SQM is more of an integrity cash shop. I've shopped it for both and when I did the second shop I informed that MSC of my previous shop and they were not concerned about any rotation issues. I don't think there is any connection between the shops or the agencies. The ACL shop runs only a few times a year while the SQM shop is more frequent.

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Remember too that a particular hotel might be shopped by several different clients each engaging a different MSC. The franchisor, the hotel owner, the management company which operates the hotel, the concession company which operates the F&B (sometimes different than the hotel), the capital company which finances the hotel, the hotel's competitors, the alcohol company, etc.
That hotel is shopped by both MSC. I've done shops for both companies, independent of each other. I did a shop for ACL back in 2017 for that client so I don't think it's new.

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