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I signed with this company a few years ago but don't recall doing shops for them. I decided to take another look at them today and I am surprised at how little information is provided for the shop ahead of time. Seems you have to accept the shop first and THEN you see what you got yourself into. Has it always been this way and do any of you find the shops more difficult than you thought after accepting them? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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They are rarely difficult. If they are you can cancel and tell them why. I cant remember ever cancelling one after reading the guidelines.
MF shops are simple. You shouldn't have any problems with them. They aren't the only MSC that provides little detail in advance!
Just note that if you haven't shopped for them, accept one, and cancel that shop, your cancellation rate will be 100%. You might never get a second job. The only shop I recall cancelling (other than weather-related) was an audit to a planogram; I attempted it, but after an hour and a half on-site, I hadn't covered 10% of the store, and I gave up. Before leaving, I asked the Manager why nothing in the store was "to the planogram", and he said the girls did such a great job with the displays, he let them do it however they wanted to. The store had hundreds of items, and not one was where it was supposed to be, and the requirement was to photograph every out-of-place item.

That was years ago.

Generally the guidelines are clear, and reports are straight-forward.
Many (most?) MSCs do not provide guidelines priort to being assigned the shop. MF iss far from unique on this.
They are usually pretty easy. They do bite themselves in the rear by not giving much info, though, because there are some that pop up with very little info, and I won’t accept it just because I don’t know what I might be getting myself into.
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