Mystery-Shopper, Inc so slow in paying

I have been shopping for this company for 15 years now and in the last couple of months, their payments went from being paid at the end of the month following the month I performed the shop, to waiting now 3 months. Trish doesn't reply to inquiries and it's frustrating to not only not be paid in a timely fashion, but to be ignored when asking where the payment is! Anyone else struggling here?

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I did a shop on 11/5. I just looked and the check was sent on 1/10. Not the fastest paying but not the worst, either. I liked the job I did and felt the value was good.
I just got paid for November shops on Friday by PayPal. Yes, it can be slow, but it's always reliable. It seems to be much faster since they switched to PayPal.
You mean when Cirrus actually pays someone without being chased for it? At least HS will pay without being prompted. Verrrrryyyy sloooowwwwllyy.
I did it directly from her website. I've done through Ishop too and never got paid. Had to keep on her and finally did get paid, again after about 3 months. Weird. Like I've said, I've been shopping for her for 15 years and it's only been recently that it's been worse.
I had a similar experience come up this past fall. I did a shop the first or second day of September, and expected my payment within 45-60 days. Well 60 days passed and nothing. On the 68th day I finally received a payout. It was stressful and unexpected.

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