IPSOS...can they just decide on a day to pay already?

We’ve gone from twice a week for the holidays, to a couple of weeks of processing and paying on Tuesday, and statement says process on Tuesday pay on Friday again...I mean, I’m glad it’s weekly, I love the work, etc, etc...but I’m actually in the hospital- been here since yesterday - and the unannounced change back to Friday, if that’s what this is, is really bad timing... geez.

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Sorry to hear that, Mousegal. Hope it's nothing too serious and you are back home soon. Get well.
I got paid today, Tuesday, from Shopmetrics. Looks like it's Tuesdays. Why did you think it would be Friday? Did I miss something?

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If you open your pay statement, the message in the upper corner says the statement will be processed on Tuesday and sent to PayPal on Friday. It’s had that message for a while, but I thought it was cha ged the last two weeks to Tuesdays only...
I got paid on Friday (SASSIE - not "that" project LOL) and Shopmetrics today.

Felt like Christmas.
I got a PayPal from the Sassie site this week.
Yeah, it is not like we will pay you on the second month after you do the shop if it is before the 14th if not then it will be paid on the third or maybe the fourth month we haven't figured it out yet.

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Agreed. Ipsos is one of the fastest payers out there.


I can't complain about any company that pays faster than 2 weeks. Even 2 weeks is great in my book.
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