Contact phone number for Ipsos?

Well, I did a bunch of the Helios shops, and now a week later they're getting kicked back for "reasons." (The paper says review it from the eyes of the customer....) Anyhow, I need to get in touch with someone. Because I cannot make multiple trips to Richmond from Northern VA where I live. Does anyone have a phone number for a person I can call? *sighs*

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Good luck. You can find a long list of discussions over the years of shoppers desperately trying to contact IPSOS over the years. If you ever actually get a hold of them (not the schedulers) could you ask them to pay the shipping charges they forgot to pay me in 2018 or 2019. If you are just trying to contact the editor then I've had luck replying to the email they sent me. However if they just put the shop on HOLD with no email you are pretty much up shx@t creek without a paddle in my experience and may never find out what was the issue and how or if it can be fixed.
I really don’t understand this. Why is Ipsos this way? Many smaller companies are easy to call, email, so I’m not understanding their business model. Oh and the campaign
Manager has yet to email me back from last Thursday. Why are they so unprofessional?? I love their shops but they sure are difficult to work for.
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