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Has anyone completed a Presto shop for Ipsos on your phone, completed the entire report, received a "Thank you" acknowledgment note, and then the shop completely disappears from your Completed Shops folder (or Incomplete Shops folder for that matter) on Presto? I'm trying to figure out what happened to my report that I entered completely yesterday.

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Never had that happen before but i havnt been paid for a shop yet an it was completed an submitted on the 29th. Try an make a habit of taking screen shots of every shop submit a completed form for the moment after u click submit. If u dont have documentation or some type of proof of the shop then its pretty difficult to get paid sometimes no matter which company ur doing shops for. My advice would be to send an email to inquire about the status of ur payment or what other questions u might have to theyll help u out
I no this is a dumb question but did you have good internet when you file? I was trying to do three yesterday here in Pagosa Springs CO and got the shop to open but it froze up on my phone and was unable to send it.
I believe whenever I did all 4 of mine and submitted them, the data went through my cell phone, and not internet. I was not knowingly connected to any internet providers when I submitted my data for these.
Yes, but I didn't save it as I have never had this problem before.

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I did one yesterday where I was able to check in from the location. When I completed the shop, the app froze and I could not complete it on-site. I ended up going home where I had good WiFi and it had saved the GPS info. So I was able to complete the report on my phone and submit. I think if you can check in on the site, you should be able to complete it somewhere else, just in case you have problems.
@bosinnia wrote:

Yes, but I didn't save it as I've never had this problem before.
Oh, I'm sorry that happened to you! Any possibility of it being posted again and you being able to try it again?

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I kept getting it looks like your connection speed is slow, Check in again it looks like you are several miles away. and the big one is that it looks like you are offline. I got to be really aggravating.
They should honestly move these to either the legacy Maritz platform or to the shopmetrics or sassie site. Presto should be for quick easy shops and not audits/mystery shops.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
This was quite a while ago. I just went back to the location and did it again. A bit of a pain, but what can one do?
Yes, I get a lot of messages that say I'm not close enough when I'm sitting 5 feet from the front door. I keep turning the mobile data on and off and on and sign in and out and in of the app to no avail. Oh well, at least the reports are going through and being accepted.
They have different types of shops, but most of them are not long at all. I've done health and safety shops for them recently and they take 5-10 minutes. There are also shops to report how many customers come into the gas stations within a 15-minute timeframe. They don't pay a whole lot, but the money adds up if you can get a bunch of shops all in the same area.
Hi there! This is Jessica from Presto Helpdesk. I just wanted to hop in to say please, if anyone has an issue with a missing shop, and you do have the confirmation email, to contact us at the Helpdesk and let us know (forward the confirmation email in along with your message). Currently we've had a couple shoppers contacting us telling us that they thought they submitted their eval, but looking into all our records we can't find any log of the submission happening, and none of them so far has actually had the confirmation email.

We'd really like to help, but without some sort of verified confirmation from Presto that we received your submitted eval, there isn't much the Helpdesk can do. Also, just as a general note to everyone, we *are* having issues where (due to high shop loads) the servers might take longer than normal to register your submission. If you exit the shop before that happens, the submission won't go through.

So, to be on the safe side, make sure you see the "Thank you, your evaluation has been submitted" screen before you back out of the shop, and then check your inbox to make sure you got an email from us confirming your submission. That email is your receipt. You'll want to hold onto it, even if you stick it in a folder somewhere and never look at it.

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