Cirrus payments delayed - anyone get paid for December jobs?

I was wondering if anyone has been paid this week by Cirrus for their December jobs? I wrote to the questions email and was told that due to the current events, it would take just a bit longer.
I asked for a more specific timeframe than "just a bit longer," but haven't heard back yesterday. I only replied last night, so I will probably hear back today, but in the meantime, I thought I would ask here.

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While I would not want anyone to get stuck being unpaid, I can think of no MSC more worthy of going out of business.

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I have had to chase payment from this MSC more than all others combined - and I have done more work for about 30 MSC's than I have for Cirrus. When I take their work, I always do so with the recognition that chasing payment is part of the game. I am not at all surprised that they are even less reliable right now.

That said, I have always, eventually, been paid. If they requested "a little more time," give them about two weeks (It's been four months, so they really shouldn't need "a little more time," but whatever. Then contact the owner: Monnie Howard ( I have always had good results when contacting her directly.

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Thanks for your replies. I will follow your advice, MFJohnston. I know what you mean about chasing payments. I always take note of the approximate date and write to them if it doesn't come in. I didn't know how to contact the owner. That's great to know.
I was really nervous about getting paid for shops when this all hit, but I must say so far (touch wood), this is the first one that I'm really worried about, especially as I have jobs from February and March to get paid for too. A couple of companies have been sightly delayed, but they have let me know right away and given a specific timeframe that they have stuck to such as Coyle. I know there was another one, but I can't remember which.

Thanks again,
Wouldn't the name for the MSC be more appropriate if it were "Circus Marketing"? Going around in circles under the big tent, chasing payment...
Pleasantly surprised to get paid - actually came in on the 9th and I didn't realize. Never got a reply to my request for futher information, but I suppose they thought there was no need. It's a pain to have to chase, but good news that the payment came through.
They still have phone shops (Bless their hearts) but I'll let you guys have them. I just can't be bothered with all that silliness.

I am still waiting to get paid for them for shops completed in January. I sent an e-mail to their general information mailbox and have not received anything back other than their automated reply. In my experience, they are usually better at paying even if it takes a little longer than their stated "between 5 and 7 days from the first of the month. Even if just counting business days, I should have received payment for January shops by now.
They finally have some shops in my area. So I signed up and then looked them up and seen that it takes a month that you have to chase them for payment,ent and that is after a 4-month wait anyway. So I put it in my registered with but do not shop because they are a pain to deal with folder.
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