Late report to MarketForce

Yesterday, I completed the main part of a report to MarketForce. I forgot to go back and submit the pics and receipts until this morning (totally my fault), so it remained in an incomplete status. If anyone else has submitted a report to them beyond the 8 hour deadline, what was the outcome? Thankfully, this is the first time I've ever been late with a report.

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My experience is your are in 7734. Make the shop up as a learning experience. MF is not friendless company to work for. The Editors are worst that any Terminator they have show on the big screen. I have lost two shops to them in the last week. I am still looking for the CEO and the CFO email address to complain.
When I first started out, I made the same mistake. I emailed the help desk to let them know what happened. They allowed me to upload everything and submit. They were very kind and helpful to me.

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If you were able to submit the pictures, even though late, along with the rest of the evaluation, you might be OK. If you receive notice that the shop is invalid, I would immediately contact the Help Desk and explain the situation. Good luck!
Yes, if the shop is still listed then it is still not over the deadline to complete the report in addition, if you had forgot to do the shop, if it is still listed you can reschedule if dates are available.

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My experience with them has been that they are really picky. You can contact them and explain the situation. They MIGHT return the shop to your inbox for completion. But as soon as the deadline passes they usually put it back in the available shops and if someone else picks it up before you contact them you will be out of luck.
@jlcarter1975 wrote:

Good news the shop was approved without making any explanations.
That's what happens about 50% of the time. The "computer" will make a note of a late report. Once you have enough late marks, they will deactivate you. Then, you just call, apologize and ask to be reinstated. I think that I have done this 2-3 times over the last 20+ years.
As long as you don't do it again anytime soon, I would not give it a second thought.
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