This Maritz to Ipsos has been a nightmare

I am so frustrated with Ipsos. The communication is extremely flawed.
The people at Maritz were good people who were responsive. First Ipsos demolished the teams cut the phone lines and left shoppers out in the cold.
They seem to forget we are the people who are out in the field gathering the data that their clients expect. The Maritz debrief form was easier to use. Now they have moved blue and yellow to Sassie which is a joke.
They should put them into Shopper Metics which would make The Mobi App useful.
They seem to be doing everything they can to make our jobs harder.
They are paying KSS to schedule and taking this money away from the shoppers. This is wrong on So many levels.
I know I am not the only shopper out there feeling this. I wish there was a way to make them listen to us and communicate better and understand where we are coming from. Without us shoppers they would have no business and I think they tend to forget that.

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I tend to agree! I did complete some of the shops that moved to Shopmetrics over the last couple of months, but now with the move of the rest to Legacy Maritz to SASSIE and KSS it is confusing as hell to find and schedule shops over 3 sites that used to be on one. Trying to build routes is near impossible now. Available dates on the shops that moved to SASSIE don't allow me to schedule through the first 3 weeks of the month like I used to. And trying to filter shops... HA!

I'm sure there is a business motivation to not using the Legacy Maritz system (probably having to support with their own IT people or perhaps it wasn't scalable), but the more efficient way to go (an least from my outside perspective) would have been to go from SASSIE, Shopmetrics and KSS TO Legacy Maritz to have everything under one umbrella. Alas, that's not the case and I see myself doing a lot fewer shops this year as this jumping around gets tiresome.
legacy maritz was by far the best platform. to just abandon it is maddening. how the heck does sassie not have filter set up? EVERYTHING has taken a big turn for the worse. i would normally be trying to schedule shops right now, but there's no point.
Has anyone seen the green and white stations? They use to do the dark audits at the end of the year.
I loved green and white dark audits. No, I haven't seen them since the beginning of 2019, according to my records.

And I would have preferred the other ones to have gone to Shopmetrics as well. I usually have better luck with Mobi Audit. There are some grocery audit shops there that say something like "upload the 5 pictures of area 1". That would make my life so much simpler. Pump 1 - all 5 pictures - done. No one needs 5 different questions for one pump, especially if there are 10 different pumps!
The green and white night audits are posted. I’ve done hundreds in the past and now can’t pass the test and of course can’t figure out who to contact.
Grille, e-mail the scheduler. I have NEVER failed a certification test, and failed the gas station audits tests this weekend. LOL, the question's "correct" answer wasn't the answer given in the guidelines. She fixed my test for me, and I passed them both.
I have been trying to submit bundles on gas shops and KSS stated "We will not be doing large incentives the way IPSOS/Maritz did"
@bmttinman wrote:

I have been trying to submit bundles on gas shops and KSS stated "We will not be doing large incentives the way IPSOS/Maritz did"

i would just hold off, and hope for the best. i would never accept anything at the base rates they offer. it’s a shame that they are so cheap, but it is their right to be. it stinks because in 2021 when the cost of living is so high, they want to offer a fraction of what they’d pay on these 5 years ago. oh well, at least it is therapeutic to vent here.
I didn't see a scheduler for the shop quiz I was failing, either.

I e-mailed a scheduler who I had worked for, and asked her if she knew who the scheduler was, or if she could forward my e-mail to the scheduler. She answered me, and forwarded the e-mail to the scheduler, who had it fixed almost immediately.

@Specialdee21stcentury wrote:

Who is the scheduler for the Dark audits. I can't past the tests
Are the green and white dark audits on Sassie? I can't find them

The more I learn about people...the more I like my dog..

Mark Twain
Thank you. I figured that out and have completed some.

The more I learn about people...the more I like my dog..

Mark Twain

We'll have to see what happens when they have a larger inventory of gas stations than usual at the end of each quarter. I'm in snow country and can't do my beloved loops until spring anyway.

On the plus side, they are the fastest paying company I have. I've been doing a bunch of bank shops with nice pay, within a week or two. Tomorrow is opening a 2nd checking account at my existing bank for $85. Pretty sweet.
You are so right! I am in the middle of a shop due the same day, and because I can't open up the guideline before reviewing I had to accept. At the location, the bank was not accepting any appointments the same day and so I had to call IshopforIpsos (Maritz). No answer and the email that was on their call recording was wrong. It is so frustrating sad smiley
Does anyone know of a point ofcontact for the jobs on the former maritz platform?
Previously, you could click on help. Now, it only gives you videos.
If you have the contact information of the scheduler, that's the best place. If not, the only point of contact is the general email box. I used to get pretty good replies on that email, but the last two emails I have sent have been ignored. Good luck!
I was never a fan of IPSOS since I found their schedulers to be less than communicative. When I saw the merge I felt really sad since I knew this would be the case.
I still don't understand how they don't have Sassie set up to accept multiple picture uploads on one question, especially on the gas station shops? How can I accurately report if I can only give you one photo and I'm not getting paid enough to upload photos into a word document and upload one word document into each photo space.
I totally agree. Prior to the move, Maritz was 75% of my shops. Now I don’t do them at all. The ipsos site is so confusing and difficult to navigate. Doesn’t seem to make a difference if I try looking on my pc, iPad, or phone - I can’t get it to search and sort correctly to find jobs.

I agree with the issue with pictures for a gas station on sassie. On the old platform, and on shop metrics, I would often put two or three photos in one question just so that the client can get a complete picture of the location, whether it be good or bad. Now, I feel like I am not providing the same quality of report. The idea that the shops were moved to Sassie in order to appease the client is a crock of crap. These shops I'm sending in on Sassie are not as good as they used to be. And it's not because of me, it's because of the platform. I still cannot believe that they are putting gas stations on Sassie when they have other options that are so much better. So much better for the client and so much better for the shopper.
Since the changeover, and with Kern scheduling some projects, I had pretty much forgotten to keep checking the old Maritz job board. Just did and was pleasantly surprised to find some healthy bonuses for easy shops.

They allow only one photo per slot because that is all they need. Even with the old platform, when we uploaded multiple photos, the editors deleted the extra pics before they got to the client. Probably because multiple infractions under one question counted the same as a single infraction.
My question to the group is this, On Gas stations shops I have gotten a 6 on a Sassie shop for I miss a pump and the editor did not like the pip picture, for I was trying to get two signs in the picture. So on this site, I have an average of 9. On Shopmetrics I have all 5. But I had a problem with the editor over showing only two oils, Her comment was since it was the answer is no I should have given an overall shot instead of just showing the two as I have done over the last two years.

Maritz's old site is still taking routes on the Blue shops with the man that wears the star.
I just received an email this morning asking me to apply for certain gas staion shops on the Legacy gave me a link. I thought, "Great!, they're using the MaritzCX Legacy platorm!" Except when I did the search, there was nothing....nothing.
I too had this experience. I found that they were on Ipsos/Sassie and KSS. I also found that I had shops assigned with an ending date but found the sane shops listed for more money with a set date to shop. I canceled all my low-paying shops and self-assigned the higher-paying shops. At one time before my conscience set in I was thinking about doing the shop twice. The scheduler when asked never gave me a straight answer on this.
@salisburync wrote:

I just received an email this morning asking me to apply for certain gas staion shops on the Legacy gave me a link. I thought, "Great!, they're using the MaritzCX Legacy platorm!" Except when I did the search, there was nothing....nothing.
I haven't done any gas shops since the changeover. On Sassie can I still do the reports on the site or do I need to use an app? If so, what app? Thanks

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