Woohoo! Cirrus paying consistently quicker!

Unlike many, I've always been OK with their slow pay. I'm all about keeping my receivables as high as possible, and they are consistently my #1 or #2 MSC each year for overall income, contributing greatly to that end.

Now it looks like they are paying in about 2.5 months instead of the typical 3+ (and having to chase them at times).

Big news from where I sit. YMMV

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I did some apartment call shops for them and was told to sign into their system using someone else's login information to enter the call results. That's the last time I tried to do shops for them.
Cool, like you, I didn't mind the 4 month wait. I didn't like stalking them like a crazy ex-wife for my payment.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Yeah, that got a bit old. It has not been an issue for awhile, and I solved it by going straight to one of the owners. She and I have a great relationship, and she throws me quite a few special projects each year. Bonuses have been huge of late, which is good, because I'm now out of rotation for a large chunk of properties in my area.
Yup... those are shops with multiple shoppers tracking return calls. I do them every now and then. They take just a few minutes, so worth the few bucks.
I well agree with and respect the old adage that, "To each his/her own." That being stated, I refuse to be involved in business with any company where I must plead for and chase my money. .
Lucky you! I still haven't been paid for a job I did in February last year! Multiple follow ups with nothing. Getting very frustrated.
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