Ipsos Presto

Anyone else seeing problems with large numbers of shops being grabbed and constantly renewed? I keep seeing shops taken and then they reappear for an hour a couple days later, disappear, come back for 15 minutes the next day...

I would have thought this was being monitored.

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I’ve noticed lately that no matter the insta shop it comes up as no longer available. I don’t know if I’ve done too many or what
If you are talking about the credit card shops, they need a certain % per category so the scheduler removes the rest from presto when they reach the target. The time range they show up daily is the time it takes the scheduler to go and remove them from the app.
Same with me, every one I choose comes up as 'already assigned.' If they're already assigned, why are they coming up as available??
When you open the shop You have to accept it then or you are locked out. Go to the left side of the screen with the three bars open it and go to My Incomppleted Shops and you will find them there.

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