Getting in touch with IPSOS is SO frustrating!

I have a bank shop due for them tomorrow. You're supposed to make the appointment online, so I tried to as soon as I was awarded the shop. The online bank calendar is showing zero time slots available for the rest of this month! I immediately emailed the scheduler, but haven't heard back from her. I don't know if I should just call tomorrow (closed today for the holiday) and see if they can get me in for an appointment, wait to hear back from the scheduler, or what. Granted, I emailed over the weekend and maybe she doesn't work weekends (although I thought all schedulers did), but today isn't an IPSOS holiday, I'm guessing; LOL. I find communication with them a problem any time I have to ask a question or have an issue completing a shop. They never answer, but at least once they rescheduled a shop for me but never notified me via email. I checked my log, and they had accommodated me. Which I appreciated, but they are the most difficult MSP to reach of all the ones I shop for! It gets frustrating. I don't often have problems with their shops, but when I do, it's a problem.

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.

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I completed my first job for Ipsos in 2011. The pay, $12.50, was below my minimum, but my thinking was it would permit me to establish myself with a new MSC. I quickly ran afoul of their non-communicative stance with shoppers and did not apply for additional work at any rate. In 2018, I was contacted by a scheduler with whom I agreed to complete three bank shops paying a total of $103. When those jobs were finished, though, they reverted to crickets. As it currently stands, they are far more aggravation than I will tolerate without a fee bump to a minimum of $50 per shop.
Most of the time...unless the shopper scrupulously follows IPSOS' guidelines, and the shop goes smoothly, IPSOS is fine. BUT, and this is a big "BUT", when something at the site causes the shopper to have to deviate from the guidelines, or even go to plan "B:, as specified in the guidelines, IPSOS just issues the basic "Hold Pay" and essentially, tells the shopper to go pound sand, which is followed by 'crickets', even if the shopper follows IPSOS' own procedures for appealing a decision by editors or project managers. This results is hours of follow up and worry/wondering just what the Sam Hill is going on! IPSOS simply does not care about its shoppers.
Most of the schedulers I know are still trying to dig out of the weekend weather fiasco and tons and tons of cancellations and reschedules. Not making any excuses for this MSC as there are known to be a little difficult to reach, but I would imagine the weather is adding to the delay in response.
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