IPSOS Electronic Stores

Searching this MSC's job board, I am seeing a lot of the above shops. I haven't done any of them yet but was wondering the pros and cons of them. Thanks for your opinions in advance.

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The shops are easy and plentiful. The only downside is waiting for a salesperson.

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A tougher shop, and you have to have the timestamp app active on your phone.Worthwhile when they bonus the shop.
My guess on these shops is that they don't have to have all of the locations done--or at least not every month. They don't seem to be aggressively bonusing them. I see $3 or $5 and I'm told they can't go any higher than that. And they're still sitting there on the last day of the month with that $3 or $5 bonus. Therefore, my guess is that there's no huge necessity to get them all done by certain date. I did several in southern California with a $5 bonus. I got lucky and didn't have to wait on an employee. I found the route to be reasonably lucrative and not too bad. Once you download the timestamp camera app it's really not that big a deal; you just take the picture and download it.
FYI, I just looked on the website, apparently these shops in March are going to $2.00's less in pay then they are in February.
The fluctuating rate of base pay leads me to believe that there is only a certain percentage of locations that have to be done. Perhaps they adjust the base pay based on how many locations got done the previous month. There is a possibility that at some point every location has to be done, and they might have more aggressively bonus certain locations at the end of a deadline. But we will see. When I was doing the wireless health and safety audits on presto, locations that had not been done in three or four months were paying $70. I can only hope we get to that point with this project.
Also, I've been doing some shipping inquiry mystery shops, and ipsos is asking for a timestamp/location-stamp photo on those as well. It would not surprise me if eventually the timestamp/location-stamp photo becomes standard.
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