Opting out of phone calls?

Historically, Market Force has been persistent, but not terribly annoying about calling me with fast food shop offers. In the last few months, all I can guess is that they're down to minimal shoppers in my area, as I'm now getting daily calls, sometimes more than one a day. Last week, I accepted two shops and told them that I would not be interested in doing any more for at least ten days. "I will note that!" said the scheduler. I still got daily calls...

I didn't mind getting a free lunch and ten to fifteen bucks to go with it for pretty easy shops, but the fact is, I'm kinda sick of fast food anymore. Anybody have any magic remedy, other than quitting MF? I can't find an "opt-out of phone calls" setting anywhere on the site. I still want to pick and choose when it works for me, but I find myself living my life in the outside world with my ringer turned off, because they WILL call at the worst possible time.

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They keep calling me daily and I tell them I can't perform the late night shop at one particular location, but cam do it for lunch or dinner. They call the next day.

I tell them how much I need to do the shop as in MAO, and they say they will submit it, it's rejected and they call me back with the same offer the next day.
Thanks for your patience with ussmiling smiley To JW's point, you likely both live in areas where we don't have reliable shoppers. We are in recruiting mode throughout the country and appreciate your assistance and patience as we continue building up our shopper base.
I would not stop the phone calls... When MSC's get close to deadlines and have difficult shops to fill, they will call their reliable shoppers and do what they need to do to get the shops filled. This is how you are offered your most lucrative offers - especially if you are able to travel to a remote area.

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Is it possible for you to block the calls using your phone settings for the days you are not wanting to receive calls and then unblocking when you are available again (if you have the phone number they are calling you from)?
When i shopped for MF i created a google voice number and used that. I created a filter to send the overseas calls to voice mail. Worked great.
I don't mind the calls, I just wish they were human interaction rather than robots. They will not vary from their scripts. Sometimes I want to know what the weather is like there in the Philippines but they just ignore anything I say that throws them off. smiling smiley
I don't mind the frequent calls, what I mind is that in post-shutdown times the overseas schedulers sometimes call me with offers that are below what's on the board. That NEVER happened before Covid. They've basically turned me into a call screener, I let the calls go to voice mail and if I'm available that weekend, I go to the website and see what the board rate is before calling them back. Then if they try to low-ball me I can call them on it.
I added the overseas number to my phone as a contact, so when I see that "Marketforce: is calling I can decide if I want to pick it up or let it go to voice mail,

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