IPSOS Health Inspection Retail Audit

Since there aren't any food shops in my area, I am trying to expand my MS portfolio. Has anyone here done these shops? There is not a lot of information. Does it require pictures? Is the survey lengthy? I prefer to do non revealed shops and it states that it is, but I thought in the past they were revealed.

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Not revealed, but if you go to the right address and if the wrong business is there, it will become a reviled shop. I guess they are using out-of-date Thompson guides. Now that I think of it, I have not seen it for close to 20 years. Guess they haven't heard that the wed can actually show you pictures of what is actually at the address.

And sometimes pictures are required.

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Are you talking about the ones at the big box electronics retailer where you check for Covid precautions?

They only take about 10 minutes to walk around the store and look for hand sanitizer, signs saying you must use a mask, signs on the floor to social distance and direction of traffic flow, see if employees wear a mask and are there shields between customer service/cashiers and the customers. Those kind of things.

I did one because I was in the plaza doing other things. I would do it again because they are easy, but I won't do it unless I'm in the area. They seem to get taken before they get bonused in my area.
Yes the Covid precautions one. There is one currently available in my area, but I don't think they have bonused them yet. So no pictures required?
@dafizisblue wrote:

Yes the Covid precautions one. There is one currently available in my area, but I don't think they have bonused them yet. So no pictures required?
There is no easier shop around. It's incredibly easy. No pictures required.
Agreed, the only picture is one of your receipt. It's about a 10 -15 minute walk around the store and mostly yes/no answers with a couple of brief sentence descriptions.

This is for the big box electronic store.
There are multiple isafe shops. There are others on presto at different stores, from fast food and banks to dept stores. The only photos you need to get are social distancing signs outside, inside on the floor, and the hand sanitizers, Very easy.
This shop is quick and easy. It does require a purchase, and the reimbursement is only $2. So I find it helpful to know what I'm going to buy before I enter. There are very few things in the store for less than $2, but there will be drinks and gum usually by the checkout area so those are good options. Or a good time to buy batteries!
I bought gift cards to the Big Box store that I was shopping. I got a whole pile of them and gifted them to my son at Christmas. He was pretty happy about that.

The Big Box store requires no photos.
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