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I know that its the end of the month, but when I try to view jobs available on the ISHOPFORIPSOS job board, it shows a few jobs even when I input a 100 mile radius. It says there are hundreds of shops, yet I only see 3 or 4.
Anyone know about this?

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@French Farmer.... something is wrong with the website...... Earlier, the job board indicated 180 jobs available, but only displayed 5. Later, I could not access the website.... Secure connection failed.... Website is apparently down.
Experiencing this as well. For the moment, I can move the map around though, and click on the pins to see what they are. Much more clunky, of course; but until they fix it, that is an option.
It shows me that there are 703 jobs available in a 50 mile radius, but only one job displays. I have tried different internet browsers, but no luck. It has been an issue for me since yesterday. I was worried that I had set a filter?
Presto. Sometimes it has assignments that are not on either of the two other boards.

That was in answer to ceasesmith, I don't know why the quote didn't show.


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Isn't everyone just tired of Ipsos? They are heavy handed, absolutely impossible to reach over the phone, and reject shops and/or insist that the shopper did not respond to questions (when the opposite is true)....I sense that the editors are so overworked and busy that they fail to recognize any nuances in the shops. I wonder if their clients understand what whitewashed crap information is being fed to them!

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If you have a question about a shop edited, please contact your scheduler. That is your instant connection to a PM and getting a issue resolved, thanks.
I have had a great experience with them. The only issue I have had with them was due to me not following the instructions. Actually I do a lot of Shops for them.
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