There needs to be a place to report msc that dont pay!!!

I did a bunch of shops last week. They were accepted and given a perfect score of 10. When I noticed they werent pending payment today I asked. I was told "their client rejected them" claiming they didnt like my answers or too common. They were multiple choice answers. All were already accepted. I did the shops and did them correctly. I had geo proof and time and date stamp that was proof I was there and did the shop.
I am so tired of companies trying to get away with not paying shoppers. This same company just got rid of schedulers trying to save money. Now they are just not paying shoppers for work correctly done? Making up reasons. If there was an issue why did no one say anything and I had to reach out to them?
There needs to be a place to report this kind of thing!!!
Also dont shop ipsos!

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I have read several posts regarding poor service or response from IPSOS. I am in Canada and have done many shops for IPSOS ( and have never had an issue with them. Their schedulers are quick to respond to questions and I get paid without issue usually about every 2 weeks. It seems the Canadian side of the operation runs more smoothly, at least for me, than the US side.
They just recently decided to do away with schedulers here so no responses at all. No reschedules or anyone to contact with questions. Now they arent paying and making up reasons to not pay for shops previously accepted
A shop being accepted by the MSC doesn't mean the shop will be accepted by the client. It's messed up.

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If you follow guidelines and complete the shop properly they should have to pay you. If a client refuses to accept it the only reason is they are trying to get out of paying. Theyre getting our work for free. Msc should not allow it. Why does no one stick up for shoppers? There needs to be a place where we can report it. A place where shoppers can report these crappy companies. It happens too much where shoppers are taken advantage of. A union?Department of labor?
The MSCs get paid by the clients; the clients have the last word. The client matter, not the shopper.

As independent contractors, we can opt not to work for that MSC again. Forming a union or going to the DOL or BBB? That and $4 might get you a latte.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I too have just had ipsos do the exact same thing! You do the shop according to guidelines you should get paid!
Well im filling several complaints with all those. Maybe if enough of us will theyd stop screwing over shoppers. Have you looked at the complaints on BBB? Im not the only one..i dont even think that its the client that rejected the shops. I think ipsos did and put the blame on the client.
Which BBB do you report them to? The location you're at or their headquarter's location?
Wow sorry to hear about your bad experiences with IPSOS. I do their gas station shops and have never had an issue getting paid. In fact they send me the Paypal payment sometimes days after completing a shop.
File a complaint with your State's labor board. You worked as a 1099 contractor. Your work was accepted by the company that contracted with you. You have no relationship with their client.
Speaking of not paying, I have four Ipsos jobs done two weeks ago and they still say 'hold pay.' This is the longest I've had to wait in a long time.
Odd, I've never had an issue with IPSOS, although I have mostly done banking and athletic gear purchase-and-return with them. Only did a few cell shops before it dawned on me that I am middle-aged and tech-stoopid and was having trouble keeping up a convincing rap for the sales associate. Don't do them anymore. Got paid for those though.
"Hold Pay" usually means no pay for you. Contact them to find out why it's been on hold but I wouldn't be holding out for that $$.

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I may have said this before, but welcome to the psychotic world of IPSOS, criminal MSC from France.
...simple math...Pay 90% of the shoppers quickly, hold 10% for no good reason...drop 10% to the bottom line!
Ms. Judi -"Hold Pay" in French means Go ... yourself.....It's in the IPSOS employee manual....

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The client has the right to go back and check the store surveillance video to ensure that you were inside the store for the length of time that you claimed. They can also check employee names and schedules to see if the person you claimed to interact with did, indeed, work there. Finally, the client may also follow up with the employee to see if you used the scenario they wanted you to.

This all happens after the MSC approves the shop. So it’s entirely possible that your shops did not pass the client audit. It happens.

Not saying that you did ... but shoppers lie. They dash in and out, they don’t use the correct scenario, or they send someone else in with their cellphone. I’ve spoken with many MSC owners, and they’ve got horror stories about shoppers falsifying their IC work.

This is why I love doing video shops. I’m recorded, so there’s zero question about when/where I was, who I met, and what I said during the shop.
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