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What is the point of this email address: Especially when they use it for contacting the scheduler - For example Questions, contact They very rarely respond and mostly all you ever get is an automatic reply that says: "Thanks for contacting the iShopFor Ipsos general mailbox. We will get to your inquiry as soon as possible. For more immediate program-specific assistance, please reach out to your scheduler directly." It isn't even just sometimes they are so backed up that replies get missed or behind. They simply never respond without multiple emails and even then it takes weeks. So when they use it - they are pretty much telling me: "We really do not care if you have issues or need help. And we certainly do not care about the client or the quality of evaluations we get for these shops.

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That is exactly right. I have also noticed that they used to almost always include the name of the scheduler, with email, in the shop descriptions. They are starting to remove the scheduler information from many projects, so as you stated above, you are SOL.
I don't accept shops from IPSOS without a scheduler. When one isn't listed, I e-mail another scheduler and ask who to contact; usually I just ask if they can forward my e-mail appropriately. Works 99.9% of the time, but the schedulers I work with there are AWESOME! I do this before getting the shop, just in case something goes awry.
Just a little info…when you email what generally happens is that the IPSOS employee forwards the email to the appropriate scheduler. I usually get at least 5 a day sent my way.

However, the people who handle that inbox generally don’t work weekends, so if you email Friday night it may not be forwarded until a few days later.

I hope this helps clarify a bit.

Thank you!

Kate Rattner, Mystery Shop Scheduler

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It is getting increasingly frustrating to work with this company. They want the work on time but do not respond in a timely manner.
I completely get the weekend thing - but we aren't talking weekends, we are talking weeks; if at all. The really sad thing, because there is no response you end up emailing several times - which just makes more email they can't get to. Maybe a better auto response would help and or investing in a technical solution. Lots of companies have larger email traffic and they seem to respond in a timely manner.
I have a listing of emails, going back over 5 months that they haven't responded to. Great way to keep your shoppers informed.......
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