And while I'm ragging on IPSOS...

My last round of red/white/blue conditional reveals got dinged for some locations being "too white glove".

Sorry...but the wording in the shop form indicates the lot and landscape areas need to be "free" from trash/debris. If there is a single piece of trash/debris, an area is no longer free of it.

At least the scallop shops and other red/blue jobs quantify what is unacceptable trash.

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For me, I interpret the "free" remark as what may or may not fill the bag as described.
If it cannot fill the bag, the area is "free", if it does, it is not.
However, I am not the "stickler" I used to be. Meaning, as you drive up to a site, the appearance at first look is more than likely the result of the manager's or owner's housekeeping level on an overall manner.
Their editors are not consistent @ ipsos and it is maddening. I also feel like their schedulers automatically think you are a bad person or a flake until you prove them otherwise.
Let me get on the train here ... anyone done one of their "purchase-and-return" shops on the Shopmetrics side? I have done a bunch on the Sassie side and found them very fair and reasonably easy, fee is not great but definitely within the bounds of decency given the work involved. Then I picked up a Shopmetrics one for a somewhat higher fee .... how bad could it be?

NEVER AGAIN. First of all, there are 685,347 questions, give or take 10,000. Then, they want specific nomenclature on the photos, of which there are about 773 (if you cannot already tell, I'm employing hyperbole here). Then, they want you to black out your personal info on all the photos. OK, that's fair, it was initially a bit of a burden for a tech-challenged oldie like me but I figured it out. Of course, instead of picking unique nomenclature for all the prescribed photos, many of them have practically the same name (sets up a fun goose chase on your desktop if there are corrections required).

Got a notice for correction. There were three photos where I didn't adequately "black out." In two they made it clear which one needed fixing by giving the specific survey question where there was an issue; in the third, just described the photo in very general terms. I think I found the one they're talking about, and looked at it, and everything seemed to be blacked out except my ZIP code. Well I don't give a rip if people know my ZIP code, but OK, sigh. I marked it out in an alternate color as a passive-aggressive protest and sent it back. We'll see what happens.

These pay $20. Trust me, you will put in HOURS and HOURS on these. Ten-foot pole territory from now on. The ones on Sassie side, I'm still game.
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