Missing IPSOS payment

I am having some difficulty getting any assistance on a missing payment on several Ipsos shops through Shopmetrics; there does not seem to be a valid contact or email address to use for assistance, other than the canned "we will get back to you as soon as we can". When checking my pay history it shows payment was made, and sent to my Paypal account on Tuesday, but Paypal has no record of it being received. I have received many payments from them this way, and coincidentally got a Sassie payment the same day to the same Paypal account. It is likely not a lot of money to most folks ($75), but to me it represents the cash I use to fund shops during the month. I have another 5 (Sopmetrics) shops waiting for payment distribution likely on this Tuesday, and I sure don't want this to continue. Any contact information or suggestions are appreciated.

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Have you contacted your scheduler or the scheduler for the job? That would be the first place I start.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
I have done that...they referred me to the general email address, and told to include upfront in the email I needed payroll assistance.....crickets except "does your profile email match your Paypal email? " Yes, it is the same as all the other times you sent $ to that account! Silence for 3 days now. SO, forgive my frustration, but i am still stuck. Should I contact one of the department leaders listed on the Ipsos introduction page (for potential customers and shoppers), or if you have any other suggestions it is appreciated.
Good Luck...IPSOS is the black hole as far as communication goes...although there are a few schedulers out there who do respond....they are powerless, though. All minor and major decisions are made by the great and powerful OZ!
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