IPSOS on two platforms

what is the difference between the IPSOS on Sassie and Shopmetrics? Which one uses the app? I have a login on each with different e-mail address (learned my lesson the hard way by not making a separate shop email from the start....trying to fix all that now)

San Diego - CA

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Shopmetrics uses the app. They are just two separate platforms used by the same company.
Ipsos bought out GFK, which was on Sassie, a couple of years ago. They decided to keep the clients GFK had on Sassie, and not migrate them to Shopmetrics. Hence the two platforms.
(It was either GFK or GSK. I'm bad with initials.)
It's possible that GFK had a contract with Sassie that had to be maintained. It's also possible that Sassie is cheaper to contract with and they continue to add projects to it for that reason. When they bought Maritz, they split the projects 50/50 between the two platforms.
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