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Can you give the full story on this including dates of work ect....

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I was never paid for over $500 of apartment shops for the year 2020. I have over $1400 for this year. I am done sending them emails. I will see them in court and let them pay the costs I incur to sue them.
I stopped working for them just before COVID. I thought their 90 days to pay then you have to fight them to get it was just a bit much. Even if they did offer large incentives.
They are one of the MSCs that require you send them a separate invoice. For those of you that haven't been paid, did you send them an invoice in addition to just filling out the report on the shop log?
I have not been paid for 2020 work either. To say they are on "credit hold," would be a nice way to put it.

Future shops from them will require full payment in advance of visit.
I have sent multiple invoices, multiple emails to the employees and never a response. Since they refuse to pay and refuse to acknowledge any communications, they can respond in court or receive a judgement against them.
Check your contract. You may be out of luck. Or, they may spell out in your ICC exactly how pay disputes are to be resolved.

But I guarantee you that if they had owed me $500 at the beginning of 2021, I wouldn't have completed any further shops for them until payment in full received! I do hope you're not out of pocket for heavy expenses, too.
Below is the Reader's Digest version of a story I first heard in the Navy.

A snake was dying of exposure one night when the temperature dropped below freezing. A man noticed the situation, and being kind hearted, offered his assistance, but only after the snake assured him he would not be bitten. The man picked up the snake, took him home and placed him near the fireplace. After worming up, though, the snake bite the man. As he lay dying, the man reminded the snake of his promise, to which the snake replied, "You knew what I was when you picked me up!"

There are numerous warnings about Cirrus on this forum.
I haven't been here for quite a while. It was my error to work for them. But I will pursue arbitration.
you have to use the form on their website, you have to ask your scheduler for the password and you can only end it during the end of the month
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