Trendsource AGAIN

So here is a new one. I did a shop for them on Tuesday (completed at 5:45 pm) when you complete the shop there is a message that says watch your email for the next 24 hours in case they have questions. This morning when I woke up at 8 am and checked my email I saw a message from their support stating that they regret to inform me that my shop has been refused because I did not respond to their inquiry in a timely manner.

I immediately responded to the email I never received any inquiry about the shop. As I continued going through my email I see the inquiry that was sent at 2:02 AM the email informing me they refused my job was sent at 4:50 AM. So I guess I am supposed to be watching my email in the middle of the night well past the 24 hours they require so that I can respond to something they could have answered for themselves by looking at the receipt.

I sent the company an email and told them that I was about fed up with their antics and based on what I see online so are most of those who shop for them. I enjoy doing the grocery shops, they are easy and I get free groceries. But honestly, this company is getting really sketchy. You can never reach anyone, they offer you a job and then ignore your responses, they bed you to take a job and ignore your responses and then end up begging again. I already know that my email to them is going to go the way of every other email sent to them....the trash bin. I think they may actually have their emails set to automatically trash responses since they never seem to get them.

Oh yeah they also added in the email that the job was returned to the board if I wanted to redo it. Yeah, I think I will pass. It was a store I hate anyways. The only reason I took it was because my mom needed something from there and I thought "well part of it will be paid for".

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I hardly ever got e-mails offering shops from them.

I did one of their Medicare Advantage shops and suddenly I'm getting e-mails and texts, for the same Medicare shops, multiple times per day. The locations are all over the state.

They are all offering me a $10.PAD. I responded that a $10 PAD was not going to get me to drive an hour each way to the shop since it would not even cover my gas let alone tolls and time driving. They said they understood and kept sending the texts and e-mails.
I am not fed up with them. I do a lot of shops for them. I have had no problem with getting responses from them.
I ask for the PAD that I need to have. Sometimes I get it. When they have questions, I respond. I have been getting requests to do shops in Colorado, Georgia, etc. I ask for a plane ticket, rental car, hotel, meals, etc. So far, they haven't accepted those requests! I only respond to those when I am bored. They won't even pay me enough to drive 60 miles and 90 minutes away. I rarely even bother asking for the PAD for those. $10 is not enough!

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
You are definitely one of the lucky ones. I do tons of shops for them and my last scheduler was fantastic. The new one never responds, even when she sends me a text or email. She won't respond to my answers. So I give up. Eventually what happens is someone else will contact me a few days later offer a massive amount of money if I will drive 90 minutes to do a job I told her 2 days before I would do for half that amount. But in those cases it is a win for me so I take it.
I got a response today from Trendsource the first email stated: "It looks as tho the time in and out were not verified. I am not sure why a support wasn't sent prior. I apologize." I then received another email from the complaint I filed on their website that stated: "We have reached out to resolve this matter via phone or on another support message."

So I guess their version of resolving the matter of refusing my job and not paying me is to send me a badly written 3 sentence comment.
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