Confero non-responsiveness

Has anyone had a problem getting ANYONE at Confero to respond to your messages? I have written no less than 20 messages to them asking why I am no longer being assigned to shops. They simply ignore my messages. The shops I apply for are still posted so I know these applications are not for shops given to other people. My apps just get deleted without ever getting assigned. I have a high shopper rating and no negative citations, so I am at a loss for what is going on. Very frustrating!!

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I don't get it either. I applied for a shop with them and my application was ignored. I used to do a lot of shops for them, too.
@cherubino3 wrote:

I don't get it either. I applied for a shop with them and my application was ignored. I used to do a lot of shops for them, too.

Count me in for 3! Although but the only thing they have left in my area is a very small grocery store that I don't really care to shop. For a $10 fee and a $3 reimbursement it's really not worth it.
I used to do a number of gift card related shops for them. One time a few years back I got extremely sick, and couldn’t complete the shop — the scheduler asked for me to send back the gift cards as there was a hard deadline, which I did. I thought all was well and good until I applied for another shop a few months later and was denied “due to failing to return gift cards for a cancelled shop” — luckily I had the tracking number showing the cards as returned, which I forwarded to them. The scheduler was very polite but said “you need to e-mail this to (whatever the generic info e-mail is) before I can assign more shops to you” — which I did. Never heard a word back. Tried twice more — same thing. Nothing.

I don’t make it a habit of cancelling shops — but if I’m sick, I’m sick — and these companies should realize that — it happens. Same sort of BS with another MSP in November 2020 (before the vaccine mind you) — I had a large number of prepaid cards to restock, which were mailed to me. On the instructions — big huge print — “if you have COVID-like symptoms, do NOT proceed with this shop, and contact your scheduler” — needless to say, I went out to do my route and decided against it… started feeling a little weird 2 days before and started shaking and overheating… so I emailed the scheduler and backed out… sure enough — it was COVID, and I was in the ICU for 5 days. The response I got from the scheduler was beyond rude… and it would have basically killed my reputation with them with the citations from them. So I emailed the management and basically said “Why would ANYONE have ANYTHING to say about this, when I simply followed the directions in your own guidelines? Would you rather I go spread Covid to your clients? I went into the hospital and nearly died — the last thing I should be worried about is my record with you, when I simply was following your own instructions and backed out when I had symptoms?” — I didn’t get a specific response back — but all citations were removed and my shop history looks as though I never applied for them in the first place… I fail to believe that people who shop are THAT flakey. The ONLY acceptable response when it is health related is “Oh I’m sorry to hear about that — let me know when you are feeling better and can complete it” or “Oh the deadline for this is now — I’ll need to give it to someone else”.
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