Mobee, a scam?

I’ve not had any rejections with any other MSCs, but <insert curse word> I’m batting more rejects than accepted with Mobee. They’re not exactly quick or easy. But I follow the directions to a T and still get rejections. Time to delete the app? Anyone really like it? I didn’t bother to appeal because they’re not exactly high paying, and I invested too much effort already. You can say it’s me.

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Not you..I rarely look at the app any longer due to rejections that you don't expect and low pay with long time in store, plus they no longer offer the Mastercard Gift Card that I would cash out for.

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It's not a scam, but they are reject happy. Sometimes, their instructions are ambiguous, at best. If I feel their rejection is bogus, I always appeal. It's hit or miss whether it will get overturned. Because of this, I rarely do any of their missions anymore.
Mobee was the best at the beginning. They had the green and white woman coffee chain and I could eat and drink for what they reimbursed in PayPal. That helped me on routes like crazy!
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