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Does anyone work for Confero? I have payments pending from them from them since 4/25. Talked to accounting and was told payment had been sent to Paypal and they were holding payment. Talked to Paypal and was told that payment had not been sent to them. Anyone else having a problem?

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I have Never had a problem with payment from Confero. I wish they had more shops in my area. Have you gone into your Confero profile to be sure you typed your PayPal address correctly? It's easy to typo on an e-mail address and many times shoppers have written here that they discovered they weren't paid because their PayPal (or bank acct # for direct deposit) turned out to be incorrect. If you have typed it correctly, and PayPal has already told you the money was not sent to that address, I would say contact Confero again to work it out. They are a very reputable company and I am betting on some disconnect error. Good luck!
I haven't worked with them in over a year, but when I did, payment was always received on time.
I have not received payments that were supposed to be received this month. I checked online and it says "payment pending" for each shop.
I've done lots of work for Confero, it just doesn't seem they have very much in my area, but when I go outside my area, I pick them up and I've always been paid promptly. Be patient. This is news to me and I'll keep my eyes open for in the future. Thanks for the heads up..
I haven't done any shops for them since January, ut I got my payment in february. I have never had a bad expierence with Confero.
I just wish they still had assignments in my area. They haven't had anything within 2 hours of me in over a year.
Confero has always paid me on the 25th of the month following the shop. They do pay through paypal, but I have always received an email from Confero and one from Paypal that the payment has been made. They have never missed a payment to me in almost four years.
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I have always received on time payments from Confero until lately. My shopper log stated paid on 05/12/14 but no payment has been received thru PayPal or my bank. The first of May they started accepting direct deposit information. I enrolled but no payment has been received by the bank. Now I have other shops that paid on 05/27/14 yet no payment actually received.

I have contacted the shopper payment email listed on the Shopper Center and have not received a reply from either email. I have contacted the scheduler on each shop, still no answer. I have worked for Confero for over 4 1/2 years and this is discouraging.
I have done many shops for them last summer and always been paid quickly. Nothing in my area except the summer programs.

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I am pretty ticked off at Confero. I was not paid for parking even though I was below the reimbursement level. I have emailed and left several messages and no one responds. I was paid quickly for the non-parking reimbursement. However, this experience with the lack of response will make me cross them off my list.
I too have been awaiting payment from the 5/12/14 & 5/23/14 paydays. I've sent emails to their shopper payment email listed on the shopper center and awaiting a reply. As a last resort I called and was able to get thru to the accounting department. There is an issue with yahoo and aol email account holders, something called "a marker" causing a problem for those users.

I would advise to send an email thru the link on their shopper center at and include your name, shopper id, shop id numbers and amounts and then include the correct deposit info -- whether it be paypal or direct deposit information. So if they research and find the errors then they can complete the payment on the next payment release date.

Their accounting department stated that they send out payments twice a month. I hope they can resolve my issue before the next payday and maybe I'll see my funds. Be patient.
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