Ipsos Gas Station Shops

I'm still trying to get back in the game after a bone mattow transplant. I am not seeing any of the Blue or Red gas stations. I even widened my search parameters. Wondering if they still have them.

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Image shops are all but gone, and there don't seem to be many reshops either. There are a few First shops, but you can't switch between them, and First shops seem far too complicated for what they are willing to pay, even bonused.

The yellow shops are done for the year, probably no new ones until mid January, and they won't be bonused well enough to bother with them until February.

The Wave and Koala shops are still available near here, but the bonuses are slow coming. But even then, right now on an 80 mile radius search there are less than 20 that show up on my job board.

It might just be that it's the end of the year, and there just aren't many shops available.
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