How Are the Restaurant Shops for QACi

I've never done a shop for them before, but have been registered with them for several years. Today I got an e-mail stating they will have some restaurant shops in my area beginning next month. A great example of why you should sign up with multiple MSCs.

Can anyone tell me how the reports for the restaurants, and for that matter, bar integrity, are for QACi?

I've done, Coyle, ACL, and multiple MSCs for fast casual and fast food.


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Well, I went to the website address shown here on "The List" to investigate and some kind of hijacking thing happened. Very scary. It said I was now infected with a virus. What's up with that?

The link on the e-mail I received is []

It would not work on older versions of Firefox or Chrome. I had to use a Windows 10 computer with the current version of Chrome. I was able to sign in with the user name and password I had set up my account a while ago.

Here is the content of the e-mail I received.

"Hi to all these restaurant mystery shoppers on the BCC list who have applied to QACi in the past.

After a long time off due to Covid, I will have restaurant mystery shops in your area early in 2022. If you are still doing mystery shopping and are interested in doing restaurant shops, please reply back and I will activate your account to enter our website and likely have to remind you of the username and password you used when you applied. "
Follow the sample report. He wants quote of opening/closing, time everything happens in relation with the bartender, particularly how money are handled, pour measurements, write 2-3 other people order payment. First drink needs to be cash. The payment is stuck in 2017.
I'm a regular and happy shopper with QACi and I'm very excited about the new client he'll be rolling out soon. His methods and role plays are unique but if you have any questions the owner/editor/scheduler gets back right away, and I've found working for him has made me a better shopper in general.

Dining room shops still typically have some role plays. Like with Coyle mid-range menu items are desired for the ordering, but the report takes just about the same amount of time as an ACL report. It's certainly not a Coyle report that makes the shopper write all kinds of things that are of little use to the client.

Payment comes at the end of the same month shops are done. I know in the past there have been some discussion here about the shopper rating system that pays fees based on a tier system. I think you'd have to be a really lousy shopper to get dropped down beyond the top fee tier as the grading is very fair.

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They were OK. The reports took time to complete, but nothing out of the ordinary. Nice restaurants. I remember having to throw something on the floor and time when it was picked up by service staff. I never did a bar shop for QACI. However, I will not do a strictly bar shop. Enjoy!
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