Monthly goal with phone shops only.

Hi, I'm new at MS but I like it so far (completed 4) . Due to chronic illness I need to due primarily phone/web shops. It seems phone shops don't pay as well as other shops. In time would it be feasible to make $700 monthly doing phone/web shops only? Thanks

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I've found quite a few web shops that pay well, but not as many phone shops. Most of the phone shops I see are for less than $10 each, but I've done some banking (home lending) and investment shops that pay pretty well. $40 to $50 for home-lending shops that were by phone, and an investment shop that normally pays only $15 but gets bonused often. There seem to be a lot of credit-card online application shops that pay handsomely. I think you can do $700/month if you get hooked up with the right companies!

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Based on the job postings I have seen (far from including all the MSCs in existence) that figure seems too ambitious. $200 would be more realistic.
Second to None, athPower, RBG come to mind immediately, but there are others. (Charlie, note that since I haven't named any end clients, it's OK to name companies, but keep in mind that we can't reveal both. I only mention this because I see you're new, and sometimes new folks forget or haven't read the rules!)

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
Due to COVID, I did many, many more phone and internet shops this year than any other year. I acquired several burner phone numbers and multiple alternative emails in order to be able to do shops all around the country, I just looked, and found that averaged $300 per month, and I still did other types of shops as well. My initial thought had been that $700 would be impossible. Now, I think it would be possible, but not easy. Also, as COVID concerns have eased, many shops that were phone and internet shops (including virtual apartment yours and bank visits) have gone back to being in person.

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As my bottom line for phone shops is $20, there have been years I have not completed a single job. Last year, as an example, it was only two, but that was as a pair that paid me $50. I realize you did not ask the following question, but this information might be helpful. Several years ago, Trendsource, now known as The Source, was paying 50 cents per call. It would be impossible to meet your goal accepting work paying such a pittance.
There's an MSC called Curinos, who just recently became that name after being known as Informa for many years. They do a lot of financial shops, online and phone, and they pay very well and are very reliable. Some of these shops are dependent upon what your credit rating is, and some of these shops will cause your credit rating to take either a soft or hard hit, so be aware of that up front. Here is the link to sign up with them:
If you are able and willing to work a regular job, there are lots available that can be done from home.
That is helpful, thanks shopperbob.

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Intelli-Shop currently has 700+ phone & web shops. If you're not signed up with them, I'd urge it.

Have no idea how they pay. I mean, whether it's worth it.

I have had shoppers say, on this forum, that they can earn $30 a day doing phone shops. That would easily meet your monthly goal.

IPSOS has literally hundreds of phone shops. You must be a customer of the specific bank, but they pay $15 per call. I think there are limitations/restrictions on these calls, so I'm sure you couldn't do one or two every day.

The Source (was Trendsource) pays miserably for phone shops.

Once, a couple years back, out of desperation, I signed on for phone shops. I worked over 100 hours, and made $35. I was really, really bad at it! I mean, I stank. Totally incompetent. And I had over 10 years of experience msing!

So best of luck.
Hi, I schedule with Mercantile Systems. We have several phone/web shops each month. Make sure to register at

I also schedule with IPSOS and we have high paying phone shops if you are a member of a certain bank. This is on the shopmetrics page (

Thank you!

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If you're looking for more companies to do phone shops with, Shoppers' View has phone shops every month. They typically pay between $4 and $6, and there is no lengthy report (typically you only answer: # of attempts, associate name, and whether the call was answered in 3 rings or less). Our system automatically records your call, so no equipment is needed. To find and apply to our phone shops, please register at

Once registered, go to your Job Board. Expand the radius out to 999 mi. Click 'Additional Filters', and select 'Phone' from the project type drop-down menu. Shoppers can be awarded up to 5 shops at a time. Preference is given to shoppers who live within 100 miles of the location.

Shoppers are paid via PayPal. Shops submitted between the 1st and 15th 11:59pm EST will be paid around the last day of the month. Shops submitted between the 16th and 31st 11:59pm EST will be paid around the 15th of the following month. Please reach out via email if you have any questions or concerns (

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I can make an extra $400+ a month in my jammies by simply making two early morning East Coast phone calls (2 x $10 x 22 working days M-F.) If you paid attention to strategizing time zones and signed up with all the companies on this thread, there’s your $700 for maybe 2-3h of work a day.
Bestmark, Intellishop, Isecret, Shopper's View, are a few that offer many phone and web shops. Marketforce comes up with phone shops that sometimes pay like 10 or even 15 per call. I only do phone or web shops. The most I've ever made a month is 700 and that was once. I would say that 300 to 400 a month is an easy goal.
So far, that’s 11 different companies in this thread that offer phone shops. I’ll add one more: Ellis/EPMS.

You could do just two average-paying ($10) phone shops per week for each of these companies and hit your $700/month goal. Good luck!!!

Edit: math is hard :-)

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Good luck!

P.S. Just to clarify, this is meant to be a positive, not a sarcastic remark. I genuinely wish you all the best and hope your monthly goal will be reached.

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Sign up for different Gmail accounts and then get a google voice number for each account. Then keep a written log somewhere so you can associate numbers and Gmail accounts. At one time I had 6 Gmail accounts and then when I had my stroke because of my bypass I forgot most of the passwords to get in. I also had the same amount of Yahoo and AOL accounts. I have found out that access and verify codes and account numbers do not work with Google voice! But you can get the older phones that take sim cards and get a bunch and then swap them out to use different phone numbers.

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$700 would be hard. Not impossible, but hard. Some are quite simple but the pay is low. Some that are higher paying are multi step and can take days depending on what they are (I.E., submit an inquiry, wait 2 days to see if you are contacted, etc.). Like another poster said earlier, you an potentially sign up as a call center rep at home and make $10 or $11 per hour without all the reporting involved.
I just learned that this goal is possible! Recently, i received a notification regarding a gig for recorded conversation shops via Zoom or Websomething or other. The amount of work might be substantially more than one fee per phone call inquiry types of shops. For this assignment, the pay was $500 per shop, with three scenarios per shop (or something like that), and the potential to earn $8,0000 for the entire project. This was competitive, and all e-mails of interest (for want of a better term) would be considered and a team would select the best qualified person for this assignment. In general, I was qualified. Specifically, I was not eligible because I do not have Zoom or WEbsomething or other that would be chosen and won't bother about that until I am certain that I can speak enough to make it worthwhile. More to the point, my voice is erratic and makes it difficult for me to work at my call center job and at gigs where I need to speak, explain, or engage people.

This $500 - $8,000 project would be a beautiful opportunity for the OP and/or other people who are qualified and can participate in recorded phone calls. The client was not named, and someone else might have received a similar notice and can now share the name of the MSC that has this project.

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