JMRIDGEWAY is just as terrible as others say

I found them through a third party website, and when I signed up for the job there was a discrepancy between what the third party website and their website said the job required. Once I saw that I had to record a video in person I decided to cancel, because I knew I couldn't discretely do so. I politely messaged asking to cancel to which Nikki responds "It clearly says video". Instead of just acknowledging that I wanted to cancel she responded with an unnecessary snide remark. After reading about her on here I really don't know what's wrong with her. I think it's safe to say I deleted my account with them. Definitely not people I want to deal with. I thought it was quite ironic that we are supposed to be evaluating other businesses to make sure they're on top of things, yet the company in charge of it all is as unprofessional as it gets.

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It's doesn't sound like it's JM Ridgeway, it sounds like it's the scheduler Nikki.

I think she also schedules for RBG and several other companies.
I don't think KSS schedules for JMRidgway but it could be something like that. I agree with wrosie though. How can the OP blame the MSC instead of the scheduler when the OP is aware of the scheduler's reputation when creating this thread?

To me, that isn't much different than when an aggrieved employee comes here and insult the whole MS industry or all shoppers because that employee feels one shopper evaluated that employee unfairly/incompetently.
It's not JMRidgeway, at least not in this instance, thought I've not had many good experiences with them as a whole either. It's Nikki. She schedules for several MSC's, and she definitely can be snarky. I always thought that it was just with me, but apparently it's not just me. I've also had some friendly personal conversations with her, we live in the same state (or did before the pandemic).
It is entirely possible that the MSC or the scheduler are "Terrible." In this case, the OP appears to have a complaint about the scheduler. She might try contacting the MSC directly. After dealing with Frank, the owner, she may get resolution or she may not.

There are times when both an MSC and an independent scheduler are independently terrible.

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If the owner of a MSC knows the adverse earned reputation of an individual scheduler and does nothing about it, it is a shared adverse earned reputation.
The last shop I did for them was when I was called "unprofessional" by Nickki for wanting to reschedule a shop because it was storming outside. That was about 5 years ago - I guess nothing much has changed.
FWIW Nikki recently helped me reschedule not just the date but also the location of a JMRidgeway and couldn't have been more timely or cheerful in her communication. If others are avoiding them I hope they keep doing so as I've been getting fantastic bonus fees from them recently on self-assign shops. I'd rather get the occasional curt comment while doing nicely bonused shops that are paid on time than shop for a "really nice" person like Katy Gravatt of Superior Customer Solutions who stiffed all her shoppers!

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This is what happens when you have alienated perfectly good shoppers, you have to pay bonuses to shoppers who will actually work for you. With all sincerity, good luck to you.
Perhaps Nikki is bi-polar? Or she really sucks it up when she absolutely, positively needs to get a shop done?

But she's pretty condescending on her TXRH e-mails.
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