Does Marketforce Really Think Shoppers Will Work For This?

Saw three shops in my area for $10 each.

Here's the description:

"This is an announced compliance evaluation at an XXXXX Store or Kiosk. It can take up to 60 minutes. Photos required. DO NOT SCHEDULE/CONDUCT MORE THAN THREE XXXXX VISITS PER DAY."

The Minimum Wage Act (Article 19 of the New York State Labor Law) requires that all employees in New York State receive at least $13.20....

But seeing as we are not employees, I guess it doesn't matter if someone wants to take them for $10.

Wonder how in-depth they are? I think the last MSC paid more and there was a thread saying sometimes you had to wait for customers to be taken care of while doing the evaluation/audit.

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I don't even think this matters how long it takes to write the report. If it is 60 minutes for the audit even if the report takes 5 minutes that will put you over one hour of work. This is hilarious.
Does Marketforce Really Think Shoppers Will Work For This?

Yes, and they are right.

More employers need to get smart and start classifying thier employees as contractors so they can pay them less. Oh wait, they already have.

After 19 years in this business, I still catch myself wondering why some folks, not those in need, are willing to work for a pittance. This past fall, I was paid $140 by Ipsos for a double shop that was almost like "shooting ducks in a rain barrel". In Dec., I received $145 from Pinnacle to open an account and yet they still had jobs on their board. All the while, shoppers were driving miles to snap dozens of pics at a gas station, any one of which could cause the work to be declined.
The Pinnacle shops in my area have a one-year rotation. Meaning, if you did an inquiry at one location you cannot go there even for an account opening until a year has passed. This could explain why the jobs stay on the board so long.

As long as there are people who will take a money-losing shop at $10, MarketForce will continue to offer them. There's no way anybody can actually make a profit on shops like this. If you're looking to reduce your taxable income in terms of losing money, well, this'll do it.

If it's all simply about cash flow, I guess it makes sense to some people to take these, but in the end, there are shops that provide both cash flow and a better profit.

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.

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Where are you seeing Pinnacle shops? Which states/areas? I don't think I've ever received any notice of any job postings posted with them and I'm in California. I just went and looked for 999 mile radius and the only thing that shows up is 3 jobs in TX
The cool thing about Marketforce is that they really expect folks to take the low fees. But when they aren't picked up, they increase the fees. The cell phone store audits I don't even touch until they go over $50. gas station audits I hold out for $20 - $25 depending on the drive and how many are available. I saw some tobacco audits recently, but I don't like doing audits in that convenience store, so I just passed on them completely.
If it is the audit I think it is (one in every shopping center and sometimes a store and kiosk) there are a lot of questions. The shorter audit is not too bad once you have done a few, but not for $10. There is the data entry too, a few commentaries, pictures and Manager signature on form. In my area they will increase to $40 - $60, and at times I've been paid $75 - $100. The shorter audit you can do up to 3 per day. I believe the longer audit is limited to 1 per day.
I haven't done a Marketforce shop without a bonus in years. Refuse to do them for peanuts!
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