Ipsos is a fraud!!!

I did several shops with ipsos in presto. They were accepted then they came back and unaccepted them and gave no reason what so ever. You can’t do these to shoppers!!!! I worked all day in 95 degree weather getting 16 miles per gallon because of the heat and you just arent going to pay after accepting shops? Wtf
There needs to be a place to file a complaint against them or sue. Anyone have any ideas?

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Did they give you an opportunity to change your surveys?

I've been doing this for a number of years, Ipsos is generally reliable and if you do the job the way they want you to you will get paid.

When I get something wrong they return the shop to me and tell me what they want me to change.. If I change it the way they ask me to, they accept my shop and they pay me for it every single time.
They unaccepted shops they just accepted. Gave no reason won’t reply. Ive been doing this 20 plus years.
I just filed a complaint with the attorney general because it also just happened to me. I suggest that everyone else that it happen to do the same.
Before throwing around words such as "fraud," you should make sure that you have facts and law to support such a claim. I haven't read your report, but I can assure you that I would reject any report written in the way that you have written your post.

As Morledzep mentions, IPSOS is generally quite reliable. Indeed, over many years I have never had them reject one of my reports or fail to pay for my services in a timely fashion.

It is not IPSOS's fault that the weather is hot - except to the extent that the company contributes to climate change. And it is certainly not their fault that you drive a gas guzzler. I quite enjoy my car's air conditioning and the 44.2 MPG I got on yesterday's shopping route.
I usually get 30 mph. I don’t drive a gas guzzler so your missing the point.

If you read my post the fact is I did shops as contracted to do. Shops accepted. Then the same shops were unaccepted no reason given.

As I originally stated the shops were accepted.
It has nothing to do with me or my report. I have friends this happens to regularly with them. No reason whatsoever ever.
And the reports had no comments, they were all multiple choice answers. There was nothing wrong with my original post? I have a college degree. Why are you so condescending and arrogant? Even about your car and mileage. You couldn't even read the original post correctly when I said they were accepted then they just unaccepted it with no explanation nor reply.
I’ve been doing this 22 years thank you. I know how to do a shop. Again, shops accepted. Then unaccepted everything I did with no reason or explanation. I really feel if you do too much work they just do this to get out of paying. They wait until it’s a large sum you are owed. Seriously, to go back and unaccept shops?
Thank you for your support. I will do that. I know it happens to other people. Does anyone else know other places you can file complaints for non payment?
Oh and does no one remember a few months back when they didn’t pay on time?
They sent out message saying they were paying late and then still didn’t pay on the day they said they were going to. Gave no one any update on what was going on
When you complete a shop in Presto, you tap the blue button at the bottom of the survey that says “I’m Done!” and the shop is submitted. Generally, you will receive an email within a few seconds that informs you that your shop was submitted successfully. This email only infers that your shop was submitted successfully - not that it was accepted. Your shop is then reviewed and after being reviewed, you receive another email that your shop was either accepted or needs revisions (or possibly, that it was declined). It sounds like you thought your shop was accepted when you received the first email confirming that it was submitted. If you do not delete the emails for shop submittals and acceptance, try researching your email box and see if this is the case.
Again. Not just submitted in presto. It was ACCEPTED by ipsos.
I’ve been doing this long enough to know the difference between submitted and accepted. I’d upload you a photo to show it was accepted then rejected by Diana Paone with no explaination. She also went and removed my shops in sassie with no cancellation notice after I had completed them. So she’s cheating me out of over $500 in pay.
Is there any way to upload the accepted email? No one is understanding my shops were ACCEPTED. Then reversed with no explanation. Not simply submitted. What is wrong with everyone? You are treating me like I’m stupid and no one is understanding nor reading my post. He’s a copy and paste:

Your Presto Insta-Shop has been accepted! Check your shop status on your Presto shop log.

Shop details:
Electronics Mystery Shopping: EMS-Ear Buds and Wearables
You'll receive payment 1-3 business days from now - when payment has been issued, you'll see it in your shop log.

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The same just happened to me. I don’t see why no one is understanding the point. Attorney general complaint. Any one have another place to file a complaint?
In that this is the first accusation concerning Ipsos of which I recollect, consider the following: Two people, both of whom are new participants and members, have multiple posts on an identical problem and both exhibiting syntax that would be considered fair at best, are making accusations. In addition, one, jmkidd states "I know this happens to other people" and "I have friends this happens to regularly with them."
@Jmkid - since you’ve been “doing this long enough to know”, you might want to edit your post that mentions the client. You are violating your ICA.
I’ve seen several posts in the past. Is ipsos paying off people here? Does anyone not remember the week late pay and they wouldn’t respond? There are several complains against them. They are the worst company
Patman9796. That’s not the client. The client is a cell brand. That was a copy and paste of the email since no one is getting the point here.
That was just the location. I can’t mentioned the client which I did not.

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Why is everyone ganging up on me? I’m
Just asking if anyone knows of a place to file a complaint? Not asking for comments other than that. Or if you have a similar experience please post. There were several posts in the past about how bad ipsos is. Search it
How many people on this post are getting paid by ipsos to post things or actually work for ipsos?
I’ve seen so many complaints before.
And if you are going to complain about me being new to this forum, I’m going to comment that with so many comments you can’t be working as a shopper full time. Do you just sit and wait to pick on people? Or getting paid by ipsos to defend them?
I just signed up to post what happened and ask where to file a complaint when places don’t pay for work done. Which I might add done correctly, accepted not just submitted and then reversed for no reason. Not just ipsos. There needs to be a place to file against companies to do this in general for all shoppers and independent contractors.
To set the record straight, in 11 yrs., I have completed 9 shops for Ipsos. Five on Sassie and four on Shopmetrics. In that time, I have rejected several opportunities for additional work, all for a one reason: An unacceptable work:pay ratio. That, however, has zero effect upon their reputation.
Seriously. You all have complained about my writing which has nothing wrong with it. You’ve complained about my car being a gas guzzler which it is not. You've complained I’m new to the forum. I only joined to post what happened and ask if there was a place to file a complaint. You’ve complained and picked apart everything Ive said. I should be able to post freely and comment what happened with out being harassed like this. Do you all really work? I just asked if there was a place to file a complaint with for independent contractors who don’t get paid because the company broke contract. That is a fact. I did not get paid by ipsos after doing work. The work was done correctly. It had been ACCEPTED. Then rejected without given a reason.
I know I am not the only one
Please where can I file a complaint?
No one is trying to gang up on you - I offered advice and you stated that you were aware. Your post with the shop details states the name of the client, which violates the ICA between you and the MSC. This violation, in addition to multiple posts by two new users only minutes apart, does not boost your credibility. I would highly suggest that you edit your previous post to remove the name of the client shopped by the MSC. If you have a problem with the MSC, you can file a complaint with the BBB, but do not expect any type of monetary resolution. Some type of verbiage was most likely included in the guidelines that you did not follow explicitly, and an editor found a problem. Is it fair? Maybe, and maybe not. Are they a huge company that, if you try to fight, you will lose more money than you will gain? Absolutely. I have had shops rejected before - it is not a good feeling. Try to be careful with emotional posts - you will almost always regret them later.


@Jmkid wrote:

Patman9796. That’s not the client. The client is a cell brand. That was a copy and paste of the email since no one is getting the point here.
That was just the location. I can’t mentioned the client which I did not.
*shrugs* It’s possible.

1. The client may have pulled the shops and the PM/scheduler didn’t notify the IC to stop, either through forgetfulness or communication error.
2. Instead of admitting an error and taking the financial hit, the PM may have decided to not pay the IC. They cut off communication with the IC and hope they just give up and fade away. Nasty business practice, but it happens.

I’ve had it happen to me, years ago, with a smaller mom-and-pop family mystery shopping company, and only my OCD-level habit of saving every email and screenshot of completed work got me paid.

I’d be incredibly surprised if IPSOS was the company involved, however. They’re a very big firm and generally reliable in their management level, although they have a few wonky schedulers.

Do you have a screenshot of the RECEIVED or ACCEPTED FOR PAY page on your Sassie Job Board? Did you keep all your Presto “Your Job Has Been Accepted!” emails? I’m hoping you did.

That’s going to be your proof, and what you will need, going forward. It’s always a good idea to make a habit of doing a little screenshot after work is complete and again after it’s been put in the pay queue.

I’ve got the email for the VP in charge of IPSOS’ mystery shop division. If you have proof of work acceptance, send me a PM here and I’ll forward you the email address to get your concerns straight up to the Big Boss.

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